Animal Tattoos

Polar Bear Tattoo

73 Larger Than Life Polar Bear Tattoo ideas

Inside: Polar bear tattoo ideas that will give you the chills. Polar bears are the favorite animals of many, and I see why. They are adorable, powerful, and incredibly unique! Their staple white fur is known all over the world. So naturally, these cool creatures are a fan favorite for tattoos. I have compiled a […] Read more…

Duck Tattoo

53+ Duck Tattoo Cute Designs

Inside: Duck tattoo ideas that will leave you quacking up. Everyone has a favorite animal. Naturally, when someone has something that they love very dearly, they will get a tattoo of it. You may be imagining tattoos of dogs, cats, tigers…or any other commonly popular favorite animal. But what about ducks? Ducks are surprisingly cool […] Read more…

63 Cow Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Inside: Fresh cow tattoo ideas with flowers and fun. Cow tattoo popularity is on the rise, and I can totally understand why. When you take the time to look at them, cows are truly adorable. If you think about it, cows have been such a big part of our lives since we were children. Ever […] Read more…

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