Animal Tattoos

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas

pawprint tattoo ideas

The Sweetest Pawprint Tattoo Ideas

Inside: The Sweetest Pawprint Tattoo Ideas. Let’s face it: Dogs and cats are better than humans. And many of us have had dogs or cats in our lives that left lasting impressions on us — so why not commemorate them with something just as permanent? We’re talking about tattoos. Here are 31 pawprint tattoo ideas […] Read more…

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

41 Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 41 Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas.  Unicorns come in many shapes and sizes and can be designed in countless ways, while they are for the most part seen as a very feminine tattoo its certainly not exclusive to any gender, some of the best unicorn tattoo designs are on men and look great. There’s a […] Read more…

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