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Mama and Baby Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas full of Wisdom & Soul

Inside: Elephant Tattoo Ideas full of Wisdom & Soul Elephants are renowned worldwide as symbols of wisdom and strength, and their symbolism is represented in the wide variety of elephant tattoos you’ll find scattered across the globe today. But while there are many depictions of elephants in the world of ink, few tattoos capture the […] Read more…

butterfly and flower tattoos

31 Beautiful Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 31 Beautiful Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo Ideas.  From children’s drawings to gorgeous tattoos, butterflies have long been a source of inspiration for artists of all backgrounds. With their dazzlingly bright colors and intricately carved wings, butterflies are one of the purest, most beautiful aspects of nature. Flitting from place to place, this ethereal […] Read more…


The Prettiest Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

Inside: The Prettiest Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas. These gorgeous Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas are stunning works of ink that will have you looking and feeling great. They are trendy, beautiful, and are a tattoo piece that will surely start some conversations.  Bright and bold, hummingbird tattoos are typically filled with lots of vibrant colors. They represent strength, […] Read more…

Fishing Tattoos

25 Amazing Fishing Tattoos

Inside: 25 Amazing Fishing Tattoos Fishing isn’t only a hobby; fish is a way of life, and to express that, people often get fishing-themed tattoos to commemorate the fun times spent out on the open water. Fishing tattoos can be simple or elaborate; some people even incorporate their boats or rods into the design to […] Read more…

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