Flower Tattoos

Eucalyptus Tattoo

47 Soft + Simple Eucalyptus Tattoo Designs

Inside: 47 Soft + Simple Eucalyptus Tattoo Designs. Eucalyptus trees are tall, majestic conifers known for their hard wood, pungent fragrance, and vibrant green leaves. This unique tree has inspired countless tattoo artists to create amazing designs. From simple ink renderings to large-scale, realistic depictions of eucalyptus leaves in all their natural glory. There are […] Read more…

Sampaguita Tattoo

Unique Sampaguita Tattoo Ideas (Jasmine Flowers)

Inside: Unique Sampaguita Tattoo Ideas (Jasmine Flowers). Whether you are a tattoo artist, a regular at tattoo parlors, or just someone amused by the art form and likes getting tattoos occasionally, we are sure you understand tattoos’ true meaning and essence. Most tattoos that people get are once close to their heart – and rightly […] Read more…

November Birth Flower Tattoos

November Birth Flower Tattoos {Chrysanthemums}

Inside: November Birth Flower Tattoos {Chrysanthemums}. November birth flower tattoos are so much more than the traditional chrysanthemum, and they’re perfect for celebrating your birthday! Chrysanthemums make stunning tattoos with delicate flower petals, vibrant colors, and intricate designs; you’ll want one on your body forever! These beautiful examples of November birth flower tattoos will inspire […] Read more…

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