Funny Tattoos

481 Funny Tattoos That Will Make You Laugh

While some may find it absurd to permanently ink your skin for a joke, more and more people are getting funny tattoos. According to tattoo artists all over the world, more and more people are showing interest in getting funny tattoos.

Not to mention, hilarious tattoos seem to elicit more reactions on social media, and can even be a unique conversation starter around the right people.

Are Funny Tattoos a Mistake?

Many people still see these tattoos as a huge mistake; they warn others that they will regret getting them. But as tattoos grow increasingly popular, especially among young people, perceptions around them change.

Today, many people look forward to the opportunity of tattooing a joke on their skin.

Funny tattoo Ideas

Why Do People Get Laughable Tattoos?

Most people who get funny tattoos already have multiple other tattoos on their bodies. After getting several meaningful and symbolic tattoos, some people are just looking to fill the space with something funny and quirky.

The point of light hearted ink like this is that they typically it doesn’t have a deeper significance. Some people just get tattoos they and others can laugh about.

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, but then again, so have jokes. The truth about why we get tattoos is completely subjective.

To some, tattoos are symbols of what inspires them. Others get tattoos to commemorate significant memories or in honor of other people. But some people want nothing more than to make themselves and others around them laugh. In fact, they are so committed to that endeavor that they permanently ink their skin to do it.

Do You Want a Funny Tattoo?

Have you thought about getting one of these hilarious works of art? Perhaps of a popular internet meme or an inside joke between you and some of your closest friends.

Just remember, tattoos are forever, so even if you do want a funny tattoo, make sure it’s something you won’t eventually regret.

Here are some of our favorite tattoos that will make you laugh…

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Funny Tattoo Ideas

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