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Tattoo Numbing Cream

Top 5 Tattoo Numbing Creams + Instructions

Inside: Top 5 Tattoo Numbing Creams + Instructions.  You’re about to get inked, but what’s the best way to deal with the pain? One option is to use the best tattoo numbing cream. Topical anesthetics like these dull the sting of the needle. People also use them for piercings and permanent makeup procedures. The most […] Read more…

Does tattoo removal leave a scar

Does Tattoo Removal Leave a Scar?

Inside: Does Tattoo Removal Leave a Scar? The objective of laser tattoo removal is to shatter ink without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser tattoo removal process uses selective photothermolysis to effectively and safely fade or remove tattoos. A rise in the popularity of laser tattoo removal services in cities like Toronto & Vancouver has […] Read more…

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