Totally cute tattoos for girls

35 Totally Cute Tattoos for Girls

Inside: 35 Totally Cute Tattoos for Girls.  Small and cute tattoo designs that are popular with girls are butterflies, hearts, stars, and flowers. These little tattoo ideas are perfect for you if you’re looking for ideas for your first tattoo or if you’re ready to add a little cute tattoo to your collection! These are […] Read more…

Dad Tattoos

25 Honoring Dad Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 25 Honoring Dad Tattoo Ideas. Why not ink a memorial tattoo in honor of the man we affectionately refer to as “Dad”? People are getting tattoos to show their affection for their fathers in a meaningful and lasting way. A dad tattoo can also serve as a moving memorial for individuals who have lost […] Read more…

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

41 Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 41 Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas.  There’s just something about a unicorn. From lunchboxes to tennis shoes to hair clips to ties to tattoos, you can’t escape this mythical, magical beast! Lots of people love unicorns–it isn’t just for little girls! Men and women are opting to get some truly badass, beautiful unicorn tattoos. This […] Read more…

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