Food tattoo ideas

Watermelon Tattoo

78+ Juicy Watermelon Tattoo Designs For Summer

Inside: Refreshing watermelon tattoo ideas & designs that scream summertime. One of my favorite things about food is that it can hold so much more meaning than what’s on its packaging. When you think of french bread, you don’t just think of bread; you imagine family dinners with delicious garlic bread. When you think of […] Read more…

pasta tattoo ideas

113 Pasta Tattoo Ideas for Carb Lovers

Inside: Yummiest pasta tattoo ideas that will make your stomach rumble. Calling all carb lovers! I have a treat for you today, and it comes in the form of pasta tattoos! You read that right, pasta tattoos are a thing, and they are breathtaking. I would have never thought they existed until I saw someone […] Read more…

Bagel Tattoo

Bagel Tattoo Ideas for Food Lovers

Inside: Cutest bagel tattoo ideas you will love. I think there are two groups of people in the world: People who like carbs and people who LOVE carbs. I am taking carbs in every form; pizza, bread, pasta, and donuts…you name it, they are obsessed. I fall into this group, and there is one carb […] Read more…

Donut Tattoos

63+ Scrumptious Donut Tattoo Ideas

Inside: Adorable donut tattoo ideas that take the cake (donut). So, I think we can all universally agree that donuts are the best. They are sweet, portable, and have so many awesome flavor options. We even have a national donut day! And what better way to celebrate this delicious creation than with a tattoo? Yep, […] Read more…

Pie tattoo

61 Pie Tattoo Ideas for Dessert Lovers

Inside: The yummiest pie tattoo ideas that dessert lovers will die for. Everyone has a pie lover in their life. If you aren’t one, then you know one. These are just statistics. For me growing up, it was my eldest brother. He was a lover of pie rather than cake(gasp, I know. What a shocker). […] Read more…

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