Inside: What is a Tattoo Convention?

A tattoo convention is a meeting and exhibition for tattoo practitioners and enthusiasts from different shops and areas, as well as anyone who wishes to see the world of tattooing up close.

Tattoo Convention

Tattoo Conventions for Artists: 

If your a Tattoo artist the conventions are an absolute goldmine of contacts, clients, and a host of talented collaborators. As an aspiring tattoo artist, you can take part in seminars, workshops and learn new skills from the best in the business.

Are Tattoo Conventions Worth It?

Tattoo conventions are great for clients because they have access to talented artists from around the world. While some artists will allow walk-ups at the convention, if you want to get tattooed by a top-notch artist, you will need to book months in advance.

Are Tattoos Cheaper at Conventions?

Tattoos at conventions (usually) cost more than tattoos in shops. Yes, it’s true. For the same reasons laid out above, many artists charge either more per hour OR charge a flat day rate for convention work. So if the price is your main component, a convention is not your best bet.

They are a Great Learning Experience

If you’re looking to become a tattoo artist or you already are then a convention is the perfect opportunity to learn from people better than you or that might be experienced in different techniques. You’ll find some of the best artists at conventions and many of them offer seminars and will be happy to give 5 minutes when they’re free to talk to you.

Tattoo Convention Etiquette 

When walking around the convention be mindful that some of the artists are working & need to concentrate while tattooing so give them plenty of breathing room, while they get to work. But the great news is most are really happy to answer any questions & give you a time slot where you can drop by for a consultation.

What is a Tattoo Convention & why should I go?

Best Tattoo Convention Locations

1. Motor City Tattoo Festival – Detroit

2. Hell City Tattoo Festival – Columbus, Ohio

3. New England Tattoo Expo

4. Tattoo Collectors Expo – Texas

5. Villain Arts Tattoo Convention – Baltimore

6. Get Inked – Miami

7. Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo – Alabama

8. Villain Arts Tattoo Convention – Tour!

9. Middle of the Map Tattoo Convention

10. United Ink No Limits Tattoo Convention: New York

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