Inside: 89 Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

Every tattoo has a unique story that should be shared, honored, and lived. A semicolon tattoo is one particular design trending on the Internet, and they represent a quiet battle and are more than just a fashion fad. Here are 89 of the best semicolon tattoo designs for inspiration.

Semicolon tattoo Ideas

What Does a Semicolon Tattoo Mean

You may have noticed that simplicity has been a current trend in tattoo design. The semicolon tattoo, which is a tattoo of the punctuation symbol (;), became popular for a number of reasons. It is straightforward and adaptable to a wide range of designs. The meaning and purpose of this tattoo are greatest of all, though. This means a lot to everyone who had it or is still experiencing it.

Raising Awareness

One of the most significant mental health problems to ever exist is depression. Many millions of people are affected. There are many false beliefs concerning depression as well. Many people believe that everyone experiences depression and that it is a common occurrence. Without a doubt, that is abnormal. It’s a recurring issue that never quite goes away.

Depression and anxiety are frequently combined, while anxiety can also exist alone. Additionally, it is a mental health condition ten times more severe than the everyday anxiety we experience. It may entirely prevent someone from experiencing success in their personal life. It may cause people to separate themselves from others because their anxiety is so extreme.

Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

1. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

2. Touch Life with Your Finger

3. My Story Isn’t Over Ankle Tattoo

Semicolon tatoos

4. Semicolon Butterfly

5. Heartbeat Semicolon Tattoo

6. New Beginning

Tattoo Ideas

7. My Story Isn’t Over

8. Semicolon Cross

9. Add Color to LifeTattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas for Your Journey

10. Arrow Semicolon Tattoo

11. Kitty Cat Semicolon

12. Warrior Semicolon Reminder

Semicolon Ideas

13. Share the Love

14. Birds Flying Away Semicolon

15. Compass and Semicolon

Depression tattoos

16. Semicolon Heart

17. Simple Semicolon Tattoo

18. Discreet behind the Ear Semicolon

Mental Health tattoos


You Will Adore these Beauties

19. Merge with Rainbow

20. And She Goes On Quote

21. Anchor Semicolon

Ink Ideas

22. Beautiful Butterfly Body Semicolon

23. Rainbow Bird Semicolon

24. Space Semicolon

Butterfly Tattoos

25. Subtle Semicolon Tattoo

26. Paisley Print

27. Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

Cute Ink Ideas

A Few More of Our Favorite Semicolon Ideas

  • Semicolon tattoos express that your story isn’t over yet. They are a sign of strength and beauty. Like this great one inside a heart!
  • Here are another 20 unique semicolon tattoo ideas for you and your journey and a pretty one alongside a birdie.

I hope these beautiful semicolon tattoo ideas inspire you to continue with your journey. Remember to always be proud of how far you have come and that you can make it through anything! For more tattoo inspiration check out these half sleeve tattoo ideas for women! 

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