Inside: 27 Small Tattoo Ideas for Men.

Small tattoos for men can be significant or just a whim of an idea. Maybe you already have a sleeve full of ink or your back is full of tattoos that you can’t show off and you want just something small to show off.

Small Tattoos for Men

This may be your one and only tattoo and you really want to make it count, but you are trying to figure out where to start.

Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

There are many locations on your body you can get a small tattoo. Have you decided where yet? Here are a few of our favorite designs and locations for small tattoo ideas for men.

Small tattoos for guys

Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

The best accessory for anyone looking for a little edge is a small, meaningful, well-placed tattoo. Sure, the arms and huge back parts look cool and make a pretty big statement, but a little tattoo can be both tasteful and sexy without excitement. 

Mens Tattoos

1. Usually, people opt for large tattoo piece on the chest but small tattoos like this batman logo look amazingly beautiful on the chest.       

2. There are multiple small tree tattoos that men can try on arms. My favorites are ones like these cool pine trees.

3. I personally love the placement of this small tattoo idea. It’s masculine and unique. This sleek flower tattoo looks especially cool in this location. Definitely one of my favorites! 

Tattoo Ideas

4. This wolf finger tattoo is a wildly tamed small tat. It totally shows your wild side but in the best way possible.

5.Getting a skyline tattoo of a particular city that has shaped and transformed you can be a nice reminder of your roots, childhood, or pivotal moment.

6. Small and incredibly discreet, the below tattoo is obviously an homage to running and or track and field. Many individuals have grown up playing sports their entire lives, oftentimes shaping their entire lives, and a tattoo is a beautiful way to capture this relationship.

Small Tattoos

7. I love this two-part small tattoo idea for men. If you are a lover of the sea then this fun little combo is perfect for you.

8. This King of Spades tattoo is simple, discrete, and small tattoo idea for men is such a classic.

9. We all have that four-legged friend that fills our heart up to capacity. Pay a special tribute with this small and beautiful tattoo idea.

The Best Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoos are a smart option for those who are a little nervous about the pain factor! They can be quick and add that little edge you have been looking for.

Small Tattoo Ideas

10. This placement is another one of my favorites. I love the simple text message writing is this perfect place.

11. This wickedly detailed skull tattoo is the perfect inspo for your next tat.

12. A fiery small tattoo idea for men is uniquely awesome and totally rad.

Wrist Tattoos

13. Temporary. This totally permanent but oddly symbolic tattoo is not only unique but perfectly placed. I love this placement and the simple nature it brings.

14. The Creation of Adam is a fresco painting by Italian artist Michelangelo, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. It illustrates the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God gives life to Adam, the first man.

15. I love this modernly minimalist tattoo it is super crisp and the perfect small tattoo idea for men.

Foot Tattoos

16. Sleek lines are a simple tattoo that you can have anywhere on your body and they will always look super cool.

17. A rather different location for a tattoo but a quit funny pun associated with it! I think this is such a fun way to get a tattoo that can always be covered up if needed.

Rad Tats for Men

Whether you’re looking for an inspiration tattoo to remind you of something special or looking for a little added art to your sleeve these small tattoo ideas for men are perfect for you.

18. Is skateboarding your thing? Then this tat is for you. If not, then check out this awesome small tattoo placement.

19. A little crazy, kinda silly this small toe tattoo is a simple reminder to stay happy!

20. If you crave a little wild side, then a small gun tattoo design will surely suit you.

Hand Tattoos

21. The Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance, and perseverance. And We could all use a little luck on our side, right?

22. If you are a music-loving person then you will surely adore this small music note tattoo on fingers.

23. Here is a meaningful tattoo design where the artist inked various phases of the moon that represents various phases of life as well.

Face Tattoos

24. A good line art tattoo is one of my personal favorites. This thin rose tattoo is one of my favorite forearm tats.

25. Take it a step further with this small cross face tattoo. Its simple design is sleek and classic.

Cool Tattoo Ideas

26. Check out this stunning wave tattoo within a perfect circle! It is full of detail and precision.

27. This anatomical heart tattoo is captivating in all the senses.

I hope this is all the inspiration that you could ever want! Let us know in the comments your favorite tattoo location.

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