Inside: Tattoo filler ideas that will be the cherry on top of your sleeve.

As a tattoo lover, I have experienced the stress that comes along with trying to figure out how to make your sleeve feel finished. You get to a spot where you think you are done and yet, there is something missing. When this happened to me, I scoured the internet looking for a solution, and I actually found one.

May I present to you; Tattoo filler ideas! Tattoo fillers are exactly what they sound like.

They are little designs that you place in the blank spaces in between your larger tattoos to fill the space. There are so many different filler tattoo designs that you can work with, and I want to show you some of them today.

Coolest Tattoo Filler Ideas That Will Perfect Your Sleeve

Whether you have flowers and fauna or a skull and daggers, I know there is a filler design for you. But before we get into the ideas, I think we should cover the important questions you may be asking yourself.

How Much Will Tattoo Fillers Cost?

Great question! Depending on what kind of tattoo fillers you get, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50-$200 or more. The simplest ones, like dots, will cost less because they are tiny and easy to do. The more complex your filler is, the more cash leaves your pocket.

But we all know tattoos are spendy, and at this point in your career, the price of tattoo filler is probably a relief compared to some of your spendier tattoos.

The best way to get an exact amount is by talking with your tattoo artist about what you want and how much it will be. They are the keepers of knowledge when it comes to price because they know how long it will take them to complete, and most tattoo artists are based on an hourly basis. So time is money!

Will Tattoo Fillers Hurt?

Yes, but I don’t think I need to tell you that. The good news is they are likely to hurt much less than your other tattoos since they are so much smaller. Size alone is a big factor when it comes to figuring out how badly a tattoo is going to hurt.

If you are getting tattooed on spots that have more nerve endings(like your bonier areas), then chances are you are going to experience more pain than if you did not. Numbing cream helps if you are worried about it, but I have a feeling you got this covered.

Tattoo fillers. 3 Different examples of different styles.

Tattoo Filler Ideas

Alright, let’s get this party started! Below you are going to find a good mixture of different ways you can fill the blank spaces between your tattoos. If you like the look of a black sleeve tattoo, but are not ready to commit to the full thing yet, adding in some filler can be a fun way to go.

You can choose any color of ink you like, but I think my favorites are black and red inks! But It’s really about your own personal preference. Take a look below to see if you find something you like.

1. Star Filler Design – I think this idea is super cute. If you are looking for something simple but colorful, then use stars like these!

2. Smoke Filler Idea – You can easily use smoke to make your sleeve feel like a cohesive piece. Just look at this example.

3. Tattoo Filler Made with Shading – By adding some shading, you are going to bring depth and clarity to your already existing tattoos.

4. Unique Studio Ghibli Filler – If you are a Ghibli fan, then this idea should make you swoon! It’s full of soot sprites and little colorful stars.

5. Floral Filler Designs – I am a big floral person when it comes to tattoos, so this one made me excited. It’s full of flowers and cute fillers.

6. Mandala Filler Idea – This adorable mandala tattoo filler is a great way to add a tattoo that makes your other ones feel like they work well together.

7. Dots and Stars – Sometimes, all you really need is dots and stars to make your tattoo feel like a finished product!

8. Old School Filler Ideas – If you like more of an old-school filler design, then I think this is the idea for you. Take a look and see if you like it.

9. Lined Filler – And here I have a very interesting one. They used horizontal lines to make this piece come together beautifully.

Unique Filler Designs

Next up, I wanted to show you some unique filler designs. I love seeing these tattoos because you really get a feel of the tattoo artists talent that was put into the entire sleeve. Everything from the main pieces to the filler! These ideas speak for themselves.

10. Tattoo Designs to Fill

11. Mandala Filler Leg Sleeve

12. Leaves and Shadow

13. Traditional Filler Designs

14. Dots and Simple Dots

15. Doodle Artwork Idea

16. Patchwork Tattoo Ideas

17. Blank Space Tattoo Filler

18. Gap Filler Tattoo Idea

3 Different tattoo ideas in black and white.

Gap Filler Tattoo Ideas

Some people go as far as to just use shading as filler, while others just use different smaller tattoos. The list below will show you some epic ideas that will make you wish you had booked your tattoo appointment like yesterday. Take a look!

19. Leaves As Filler – If you want to go with more of a nature-based tattoo filler, have you considered using little leaves yet?

20. Line Work Idea – You can use simple lines to your advantage easily. Just look at this example to see what I mean.

21. Full of Mini Tattoos – If you are more interested in a patchwork style of tattoo filler then I think this is a great photo for inspiration.

22. Garden Half Sleeve –  This example is a little plain, but I thought you could use this and weave it around your tattoos that are already there.

23. Filler Made of Different Flowers – I love that this person chose to use more than one kind of flower for their filler. It’s beautiful.

24. Shadow Night Sky Filler – If you really don’t know what to do, you can always just create a small night sky space like this idea.

25. Green Garden Filler – What did I tell you? I am kind of obsessed with greenery when it comes to tattoos.

26. Arm Band Ideas – Arm bands can help to create uniformity in your sleeve.

27. Sun Filler Idea – You can never go wrong with a cute little sun idea to help you fill in those blank spaces.

Tattoo fillers can be like the cherry on top of your sleeve, finishing it to perfection. I wish I had known about these sooner because I used to stress myself out trying to find different ways to finish up my tattoo sleeve in a way that was clean and cool.

If you love these ideas but would rather fill your sleeve with mini tattoos instead, don’t worry. I also have a list that is filled with the cutest small tattoo ideas that you will ever see. I am just such a dork when it comes to tattoo ideas; I can never get enough!

So check these out to continue the fun. Don’t worry; now that your sleeve is done, you get to move on to the next arm, so the tattooing does not have to end! But you get to look at your work and realize that you have just finished one of your body art pieces. That is pretty cool!