Inside: Unique Black Sleeve Tattoo Ideas + Info.

If you’ve been exploring the latest tattoo trends, you’ve probably noticed that black sleeve tattoos are having a huge moment. However, they’re not exactly new.  These blackout tattoos are gaining momentum, possibly because they’re a refreshing counterbalance to the delicate and discreet tattoo designs that have been popular over the last few years.

Yet, there are many reasons that people have chosen to get black sleeve tattoos over the years.

Read on to find out how these tattoos became a thing and everything else there is to know about them.

Blackout Tattoo Design

Black Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

1. Wavy Black Sleeve Idea

2. Blackout Sleeve with White Ink

3. Black Sleeve with Flowers

4. Scratched Black Shoulder Tattoo

Blacked Out Arm Tattoo

5. Blacked Out Honeycomb Design

6. Galaxy Themed Blackout Tattoo

7. Swirled Black Sleeve Idea

Blackout arm tattoos Designs

Blacked Out Arm Tattoo Designs

8. Cracked Effect Black Sleeve Tattoo

9. Blackout with Dotwork Sleeve Tattoo

10. Black Sleeve with Mandala Designs

11. Flowers Scattered with Black Filler

12. Unique Blacked Out Sleeve Designs

 All Black Tattoo Design For Arms

All Black Tattoo Sleeve

13. All Black Sleeve with Pointed Shoulder Design

14. Faded All Black Tattoo Sleeve

15. Wrist to Shoulder Black Sleeve Design

16. Solid Black Design

17. Dot Work Faded into Sleeve

All Black Tattoo Sleeve

Are Black Sleeves Tattoos Painful?

Here’s the harsh truth: tattoos are painful. No matter which tattoo parlor you get a tattoo from or what body part you get it on, you will experience some level of pain. However, arms and shoulders tend to hurt less than the more sensitive body parts such as the fingers, ankles, or wrists.

That said, a large area of your skin is inked when you get a black sleeve tattoo. You will also require multiple sessions to complete the tattoo. Hence, you should expect some pain before your tattoo achieves the look you want.

The best thing you can do is go to a well-reputed tattoo artist who has experience with large tattoos. They will be able to better assist you with minimizing the pain during the session. They will also guide you on taking care of the tattoo afterward to prevent infection or other side effects.

Despite being a popular trend at the moment, blackout tattoos don’t have an inherent meaning attached to them. Hence, you don’t have to worry about what it may imply if you’re planning on getting one. Just make sure that you are 100% ready to make such a commitment.

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Black Sleeve Tattoo