Inside: Should I Get a Neck Tattoo? {Female Neck Tattoos}.

In terms of neck tattoos for women, there are a wide variety of possibilities available. That’s why they’re so appealing to us! Even though the neck has a little surface area compared to other regions of the body, you may still use intricate designs and finer ink on it.

However, getting a tattoo on your neck requires a significant commitment because it will remain on your body for your entire life.

Because the neck is such a visible body part, it can be challenging to find clothing or accessories that help shield it. If you are looking for ideas for a tattoo on your neck, then the chances are that you have already given some attention to this issue. If you haven’t thought about getting a female neck tattoo yet, here are a few things to think about before getting one.

Should I Get a Neck Tattoo

Should I Get a Neck Tattoo?

A growing number of modern women are opting to get a tattoo on their neck. This specific tattoo placement does require a few aspects to be taken into mind, but if done correctly, it has the potential to be a beautiful small work of art. Check out the following information about getting a neck tattoo before you schedule your next appointment to get one done.


The thought of going through all the discomfort of getting a tattoo on your neck, only to have it fade and lighten more quicker than your other inks over the course of your lifetime is sad!

To return to the theme, it all comes down to the surface. The skin on the neck is quite elastic, but as people age, it loses its elasticity and their capacity to return to their previous shape, so the skin on the neck becomes lax and loses it’s shape. As a consequence of this, the neck on the tattoo will likewise stretch, and the ink will expand out, destroying both its original intensity and shape. Therefore, fading of the tattoo is unavoidable in this scenario, and it will probably occur relatively soon after getting the ink.

In addition to this, tattoos located on the neck are almost always visible to the naked eye. Because of this, the tattoo that is located on the neck will likely be exposed to the sun and cause damage, which will have a significant impact on the tattoo’s general quality and will speed up the process of fading.

Here Comes the Pain

The neck, as previously established, is densely packed with nerves and nerve endings. For the vast majority of people, the pain intensity is somewhere between unbearable and excruciating. An example of how painful a neck tattoo may be, based on where it is placed;

  • Front of the neck – One of the most painful places to receive a tattoo, as we have stated. Due to the lack of muscle mass and fat, as well as the trachea and thyroid cartilage directly under the skin, the pain can be nearly unbearable.

Breathing problems and irritation are typical during neck front tattooing. Because the clavicle is bony and the skin there is thin, if the front tattoo extends to the clavicle, the discomfort may be prolonged.

  • Back of the neck – There is no better location to have a tattoo on the neck than on the back. Now, the level of pain might range from moderate to severe depending on the particular position of the tattoo in the back. The skin is also extremely thin, and the cranial nerves must be taken into account. These nerves carry signals from the organs to the brain, including pain signals.

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

If you’re looking for a new neck tattoo, check out these stunning designs. If you’re looking for an ink that’s basic, stylish, and artistic, you’ll have a hard time deciding.

1. Vine Wrapped Neck Tattoo Idea

2. Flying Butterflies Across Neck

3. Small Quote on Side of Neck

4. Back of Neck Scorpion 

Classy Neck Tattoos For Girls

5. Large Full Neck Tattoo for Woman 

6. Detailed Black and White Butterfly Design

7. Crossed Roses Neck Tattoo Idea

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Cool + Cute Neck Tattoos for Females

8. Large Blooming Flower Neck Design

9. Hanging Vine Tattoo Idea

10. Dagger Neck Tattoo Design

Cute Neck Tattoos for Females

11. Outlined Rose Tattoo on Neck

12. Colorful Flower with Butterflies

13. Large Black and White Flower Design

14. Mandala Neck Tattoo

Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women's Necks

Small Neck Tattoos for Females

What about a smaller piece? The tattoos on these women’s necks are modest, yet they pack a powerful visual punch.

15. Angel Wings on Back of Neck

16. Scripted Font “Lover”

17. Stars and Moon Tattoo

18. Small Ribbon Bow Body Art

Small Neck Tattoos for Females

Small Side Neck Tattoo Designs (Female)

19. Vertical Written Words or Quote

20. A Special Date

21. Small Bird Design

22. Little Flower Tattoo Idea

23. Flying Butterflies

Side Neck Tattoo Designs

More Tattoo Inspiration You Might Love

Since this female neck tattoos post is all for the ladies, here are a few more of our favorite flirty, feminine, fierce tattoo ideas for all the women out there.

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  • Bicep Tattoos for Women – If you are a woman looking for a tattoo design that is downright sexy and feminine, consider getting a bicep tattoo! Show off your biceps in tiny tanks, bathing suits, and in your sports bra working out. And you can easily cover them up when you head into your 9-5 job. They can be bold, beautiful, and filled with lots of colors. Or go for a more small and intimate style. Either way, be sure to look at these stunning bicep tattoo designs.
  • Bird Tattoos – Symbolizing independence, peace, happiness, and freedom, bird tattoos are gorgeous and trendy. While bird tattoos have been around for a long time, they have been making a huge comeback in the tattoo world. Represent your journey in life with a brand new bird tattoo! Consider a swallow, bluebird, or a crow for your tattoo. You can express yourself, and everyone will love it.

Female Neck Tattoos