Inside: Should I Get a Neck Tattoo? {Female Neck Tattoos}.

Neck tattoos for women come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and color options. That’s why we love them! While a neck is a relatively small area compared to other parts of the body, it still allows you to go for elaborate designs as well as more delicate ink.

But there is a huge commitment that comes along with a neck tattoo, after all, it’s there forever.

The neck is a very exposed part of your body, making it often difficult to cover or protect. Chances are if you are searching for neck tattoo inspiration, then you have given some thought to this already. But if you haven’t here are a few things to consider when planning female neck tattoos.

Should I Get a Neck Tattoo

Should I Get a Neck Tattoo?

More and more women decide to get a neck tattoo. While this particular tattoo placement has a few things to take into consideration, when done properly it can be a little work of art. Before you book your next ink session, check out a few facts when it comes to a neck tattoo.

Placement and Skin

Now, one of the main reasons why neck tattoos are a bad idea lies in the very neck skin. The skin on the neck is extremely thin and very delicate to handle and expose to damage. Because the neck is an area filled with nerves and nerve endings, the thinness of the skin makes it easier to reach the nerves and causes incredible pain and skin irritation.


Now, imagine going through all the pain and suffering of getting a neck tattoo just to watch it fade away faster than your other inks.

Well, it all boils down to the skin, again. The neck skin is incredibly stretchy, and as one gets older, the skin becomes loose, without elasticity and the ability to bounce back to its original shape. Because of this, the neck on the tattoo will also stretch, the ink will spread and lose its original vibrance and shape. So, tattoo fading in this case is bound to happen, more sooner than later.


Neck tattoos are also almost always exposed. This means the tattoo on the neck will experience the highest levels of sun exposure, which further affects the quality of the tattoo and speeds up the fading process. The movement of the head and the neck can also contribute to the fading issues, and sometimes make the tattoo more blurry and indistinct.

Here Comes the Pain

As we mentioned earlier, the neck area is filled with nerves and nerve endings. So, the pain levels usually vary between extremely high and intolerable for the majority of people. Here’s a quick look at how painful neck tattoos are in regards to placement on the neck;

  • Front of the neck – this is, as we mentioned, one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Because the skin is extremely thin, there is no muscle mass, fat, and the trachea and thyroid cartilage are right under the skin, the pain can be almost intolerable.

During the tattooing of the neck front, one can experience breathing discomfort and issues. If the front tattoo goes down to the clavicle, the pain can continue being high since the clavicle area is boney and the skin is also extremely thin.

  • Back of the neck – the most popular neck tattoo area is the back of the neck. Now, depending on the precise location of the tattoo in the back, the pain can vary from high to extreme. The skin there is also incredibly thin, plus there are the cranial nerves to consider. These nerves transfer signals (like pain) from the organs to the brain.

The least painful part of the back of the neck is the lowest parts of the neck; at the side of the spine or more towards to shoulder area. Here, the skin is a bit thicker and there’s more fat to absorb some of the pain.

  • Side of the neck – this is considered to be the least painful area to get a neck tattoo. The side of the neck does have a lot of nerve endings, but not as much as the front of the neck. Even so, you can expect high pain levels even in this area, because the skin is still thin and there are a lot of nerve endings that can cause pain, irritation, and high skin damage.

Healing Issues

Because the neck skin is thin, and neck movement is frequent and necessary, neck tattoos can have a hard time healing properly.

Because of constant movement, the healing can prolong from several weeks to several months. The skin will have a hard time drying completely and healing without interruptions.

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

These beautiful neck tattoo ideas are perfect for your next ink session. With simple, classy, and creative designs, it’s going to be hard to choose your next ink.

1. Vine Wrapped Neck Tattoo Idea

2. Flying Butterflies Across Neck

3. Small Quote on Side of Neck

4. Back of Neck Scorpion 

Classy Neck Tattoos For Girls

5. Large Full Neck Tattoo for Woman 

6. Detailed Black and White Butterfly Design

7. Crossed Roses Neck Tattoo Idea

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Cool + Cute Neck Tattoos for Females

Looking for a little bolder statement? These female neck tattoos pack a punch with detailed, large designs.

Flowers tend to be a popular design choice when planning neck tattoos. Probably because their shape and design is easy to manipulate to the curve of your neck.

8. Large Blooming Flower Neck Design

9. Hanging Vine Tattoo Idea

10. Dagger Neck Tattoo Design

Cute Neck Tattoos for Females

11. Outlined Rose Tattoo on Neck

12. Colorful Flower with Butterflies

13. Large Black and White Flower Design

14. Mandala Neck Tattoo

Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women's Necks

Small Neck Tattoos for Females

Not ready for a big statement piece? Check out these small, but equally bold female neck tattoos.

15. Angel Wings on Back of Neck

16. Scripted Font “Lover”

17. Stars and Moon Tattoo

18. Small Ribbon Bow Body Art

Small Neck Tattoos for Females

Small Side Neck Tattoo Designs (Female)

19. Vertical Written Words or Quote

20. A Special Date

21. Small Bird Design

22. Little Flower Tattoo Idea

23. Flying Butterflies

Side Neck Tattoo Designs

More Tattoo Inspiration You Might Love

Since this female neck tattoos post is all for the ladies, here are a few more of our favorite flirty, feminine, fierce tattoo ideas for all the women out there.

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