Inside: Tiny Flower Tattoos (Petite + Pretty).

Among the most widespread tattoo designs are flowers, and for a valid reason. Not only are flowers beautiful, vibrant, and simple, but each kind has a deep meaning.

Each blossom seems to have its own meaning that can be important to you and your life, like devotion, tranquility, or dedication.

Small Pretty Floral Designs

Flower Tattoo Symbolism

Every flower stands for something different. Keep reading to learn more about their meanings.

Rose Tattoos

In the tattoo world, roses are the most popular floral design and have been associated with feelings of passion and love. Roses are well-known for the goodness and love they always show.

Lilly Tattoos

Lilly tattoos mean that two people are working together. The lily usually stands for a relationship that will last a long time.

Hibiscus Tattoos

Another flower used for tattoos is the hibiscus, which is the state flower of Hawaii. The hibiscus is a flower that is thought to mean “seize the day” when given as a gift. In Japan, the hibiscus flower is a sign of kindness.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom is one of the most delicate flowers, and it is thought to represent the strength and love of women.

Daisy Flowers

These flowers are known for their uplifting qualities, as well as their purity and naivety. Because of this, daisies are typically given to young moms as a gesture of good hope for their infant baby.


Based on the color and number of petals, orchids can symbolize love and sensuality in various cultures. Red orchids are a sign of lust and passion. The pink ones, on the other hand, are symbolic of delicacy and sexuality. When it comes to weddings, white orchids are a popular choice because of their symbolism of pure love.


These flowers are a symbol of happiness, vitality, and vigor because of their bright yellow hue. They’re also a euphemism for life’s energy and vigorousness.

Dainty Flower Tattoos

To get a good tattoo, you can always choose for something simple, especially when you’re just getting started with getting inked. A excellent place to begin is with this tiny blossom.

1. Simple Flower Outline Idea

2. Small Rose Rib Tattoo

3. Dainty Poppy Tattoo Design

4. Daisy Tattoo Design

5. Small Behind the Ear Tattoo

Dainty Flower Tattoos

Tiny Flower Wrist Tattoos

6. Outlined Flower Bouquet Idea

7. Baby Blue Bloom Tattoo

8. Pretty Pink Flowers

9. Marigold Wrist Tattoo

10. Simple Flower Outline

11. Pink Rose Wrist Tattoo Design

Cute Small Flower Tattoos

Cute Small Flower Tattoos

12. Small Ankle Flower Outline

13. Tiny Tulip Tattoo

14. Small Flower Bundle on Ankle

15. Vibrant Wild Flowers

16. Back of Ankle Tattoo

17. Small Purple Rose Design

Cute Small Floral Tattoos

Tiny Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

The Lotus blossom is a popular pattern for tattoos, particularly among ladies, and symbolizes innocence and complete truth. They’re also often used as a metaphor for good luck, tranquility, and good looks. As a sign of spiritual enlightenment in Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus blossom is cherished.

18. Small Lotus Outline

19. Back of Leg Lotus Design

20. Lotus Finger Dotwork Tattoo 

21. Thin Linework Lotus Idea

22. Pink Lotus Design

Tiny Pink Flower Tattoo

Small Floral Tattoos

23. Small Bouquet of Flowers

24. Little Sunflower Design

25. Black and White Bundle of Flowers

26. Tiny Colorful Flower Idea

27. Pretty Pink Behind the Ear Flower Design

Tiny Flower Wrist Tattoos

Tiny Plant Tattoos

28. Small Leafy Tattoo Idea

29. Vine Wrapped Finger Design

30. Palm Leaf Outline

31. Olive Branch Tattoo

32. Fern Leaf on Finger

33. Dainty Leaf Tattoo Design

Tiny Plant Tattoo Ideas

34. – 73. Small poppy flower designs

74. – 101. Lavender sprigs

101. – 130. Small Vintage floral Tattoos

131. Tiny florals tats on the ear

132. Small scattered flower ink

133. – 142. Small word tattoos for flower text

143. Small matching flowers for best friends

More Tattoo Inspiration Just for You

Hydrangea Flower Tattoos – If I had to choose my favorite flower ever, I would probably go with hydrangeas! They are so pretty, full, and fun, plus they have great meaning. A hydrangea tattoo can symbolize both positive and negative things. Depending on your situation, you should choose the meaning accordingly to your feelings. Maybe you feel remorse for someone you have said something bad but never had a chance to say sorry. A hydrangea tattoo would be a great way to express your apology.

Aster Flower Designs -Aster Flower Tattoos are beautiful and enchanting. They represent positivity, love, faith, and insight. While they can be made to look masculine, they are typically feminine and flirty. Add an aster flower tattoo to your shoulder blade, back, thigh, or anywhere else you want to add a piece of artwork. Have a look at these inspiring aster flower tattoo ideas.

Vintage Flower Tattoos – Incorporating flowers into any tattoo design can bring in color and imagery that can highlight important feelings and expression for the wearer. Using a vintage flair means toning down some of the color pallet and utilizing additional shadow techniques to create the perfect subtlety to add to any creation. Check out our list of vintage flower tattoo designs.


Tiny Flower Tattoos