Inside: 43 Christmas Tree Tattoo Ideas Filled with Holiday Spirit.

A pillar of holiday purpose, the Christmas tree is the ultimate symbol of the world’s most joyous season. Simple and elegant or decked to the boughs with lights and ornaments, there are as many tattoo renditions of Christmas trees as there are trees themselves.

Just as no two families decorate their evergreens with the same lovingly crafted ornaments and festoons, no two Christmas tree tattoos are alike.

Whether it’s your own childhood Christmas tree you wish to honor or the universal tree of so many carols and illustrations, these Christmas tree tattoos will no doubt spread a bit of that holiday cheer.

Christmas Tree Tattoo

Christmas Tree Tattoo Ideas Filled with Holiday Spirit

1. Decked in Lights

2. All Blue Christmas Tree

3. Snow Dusted Branches

4. Black and White Christmas Tree Outline

Christmas Tree Tattoo

5. Fluffy Christmas Tree Design

6. Detailed Christmas Tree Tattoo

7. Gifts Under the Tree

8.  Gingerbread Tree

Christmas Tree Tattoo

9. Colorful Watercolor Christmas Tree

10. Candle Lit Tree

11. Fun Christmas Tree Idea

12. Covered in Lights

Christmas Tattoos

Our Favorite Christmas Inspired Tattoo Ideas

13. New School Christmas Tree

14. Snowy Globe

15. Pine Branch Tattoo

16. Cute Christmas Icons

17. Christmas Light Tattoo Idea

Christmas Light Tattoo

18. Ornament Tattoo

19. Holiday Flower Tattoo Idea

20. Candy Cane Tree

Christmas Tree Tattoo

21. Tall Skinny Christmas Tree

22. Welcome to Who-Ville

23. Christmas String of Light

24. Classic Christmas Scene

Christmas Tree Tattoo

Small Christmas Tree Tattoo Designs

25. Festive Tree Behind the Ear

26. Small Christmas Tree Wrist Tattoo

27. Little Green Tree 

28. Colorful Little Christmas Tree

29. A Christmas Dream

Christmas Tree Tattoo

30. Three Little Pine Trees

31. Winter View

32. Small Tree Tattoo

Small tattoo ideas

33. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Tattoo

34. Magical Christmas Tree Tattoo

35. Perfect Christmas Tree Scape in Ornament

36. Matching Christmas Tree Tattoos

Christmas Tree Tattoo

A Few More Dashes Of Christmas Spirit

Here are a few more of our favorite Christmas Tree tattoo ideas.

37. Whimsical Christmas Tree

38. Colorful Ornament Tree

39. Christmas Dessert Tree: This one made me laugh a little.

Cute Holiday Tattoos

40. Cute Christmas Trio

41. Christmas Tree Snowglobe

42. Christmas Ornament Tattoo

43. Geometric Blue Tree

Christmas Tree Tattoo

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