Inside: Cute Little Tattoos You’ll Want to Get.

Despite their tiny stature, small tattoos can have a significant influence. In reality, the most meaningful tattoos for women are often the smallest. If you’re getting your first tattoo, you might want to consider having a little design that you can cover up. However, with so many cute little tattoos to choose from, it can be difficult to choose just one piece of artwork.

Cute Little Tattoos

Why Get A Small Tattoo

Getting a small tattoo as your first ink is a great idea if you’ve never done anything like it. Getting a little tattoo might help you relax while still letting you express your individuality. Despite the fact that dainty tattoos fade more quickly than larger, more intricate ones, they are far easier to work on and maintain.

Cute Little Tattoo Ideas

1. Detailed Rose

2. Small Shoulder Sunflower

3. Fine Line Face

Small tattoos

4. Bobby Pin

5. Pair of Cherries

6. Candy Heart

7. Cute Little Kitty

Ink Ideas

8. Bonjour

9. Wild Flower

10. Sunset

Small Tattoos

Cute Little Wrist Tattoos

11. Planets

12. Semicolon: We have a whole post dedicated to the perfect semicolon tattoo ideas, check it out! 

13. Be Strong

Cute Little Wrist Tattoos

14. Waves

15. Tiny Equal Sign: One of my favorite cute little tattoos!

16. Cute Little Star

17. Sweet Heart: I love this sweet heart tattoo. It is so cute and simple and makes a great first tattoo idea!

Finger tattoos

18. Small Hand Tattoos

19. Be Good Finger Tattoo

20. Tiniest Finger Lover: This one might be tiny but boy is it cute. If you’re looking for something super small with a big meaning then this is a great ideas for you!

Hand Tattoos

Cute Little Ankle Tattoos

21. Forrest Trees

22. Little Lotus: A lotus tattoo is one of the most meaningful tattoos! If you have gone through a hard time and came out better than ever then this is the perfect cute little tattoo for you.

23. Harry Potter Fans

Ankle Ink Ideas

24. Sunflowers

25. Might Mountains

26. Sweet Music Note: This tattoo is perfect for someone who loves music!

27. Travel the World

Foot Tattoos

28. Eyes for You

29. Ankle Heart

30. Tiny Initial: This super tiny initial tattoo is so classy and perfect!

Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Our Favorite Cute Little Tattoos

31. Fly Away

32. Small Sparrow

33. Always

Small Tattoos

34. Butterflies: Another beautiful meaningful tattoo idea is a butterfly. I love these cute little ones and the placement is perfect!

35. Triangle Outline

36. Coordinates

37. One Line Art: One line art ideas are my current favorite. I love them for everything not just tattoo ideas. But they are so simple, beautiful and capture the beauty of art!

Little Tattoo Ideaas

38. Rock On

39. Burning Flame

40. Light Bulb: This one is for that bright soul!

Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas

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