Have you been considering getting an American style tattoo? Read all you need to know about it before you make a decision!

American style tattoos have a rich history, and if you like getting meaningful yet artistic tattoos, then this is the right choice for you. American style tattoos are all about breaking out of mainstream society and creating your own path. The bold and creative style makes them an excellent choice for people who have rebellious personalities.

Here’s what you need to know about American style tattoos!

American Style Tattoo

What is an American Style Tattoo?

An American style tattoo is distinguished because of its clean outer lines and the vivid colors incorporated into it. The American style tattoo started to get popular in the 1930s as a reflection of people rejecting the great American dream. This style of tattooing still represents the same breaking of chains from mainstream society as it did in the beginning.

The American style tattoo is also known as the traditional style because of its history and primarily includes illustrations of women, roses, skulls, daggers, ships, and even wolves. The colors are usually kept dark, and the hues that are traditionally used for inking this kind of tattoo are blue, green, and red.

Furthermore, American style tattoos do not have too much detail, but they are distinct because of the realism and how intense they are. In fact, there are specific guidelines that must be followed for this tattoo style.

What is the History Behind American Style Tattoos?

American style tattoos became popular in America because of Norman Collins, aka Sailor Jerry, In the 1930s during World War 2. The tats on Japanese soldiers inspired this tattoo style, and Sailor Jerry made the art what it is known as today.

The American style tattoo has inspired many tattoo artists to branch out and develop more versions of these traditional tattoos. However, those artists who strongly follow the stylings of Jerry Sailor believe in sticking to the old rules for creating an authentic American style tattoo.

American Style Tattoo on Man

What are the Rules of American Style Tattoos?

There are certain rules that must be followed if you have to get a traditional tattoo. These details are essential if you want to get an authentic design of an American style tattoo. In order to achieve accuracy, tattoo artists replicate the work of pioneers of this style from sheets of their designs that were produced for mass replication. Following are the rules for an authentic American style tattoo:

  1. These tattoos require minimal shading, and color should be done in blocks.
  2. It requires few details.
  3. American style tattoos have a bold design
  4. These tattoos are meant to be two-dimensional.
  5. Initially, the people who got this type of tattoo were from the navy and army, which is why the motifs are inspired by elements like ships, anchors, guns, and women.
  6. Some of the common shapes included in the art are guns, military insignia, animals, and basic shapes.
  7. Some inspiration comes from the Polynesian and Native American heritage, who were some of the pioneers.

Some tattoo artists well-versed in the American style of tattoos can easily recognize work that is not authentic.

What Kind of Needle is Required for an American Style Tattoo?

American Style Tattoo usually requires big-sized needles since not much detailing is required. Typically, the outlines are dark and thick, which traditionally requires a round liner.

Smaller needles are used for details which is why there is not much use for them in American Style Tattoos.

Tattoo Styles American Traditional

American Style Tattoo Design Ideas

The traditional stylings of American style tattoos must follow specific themes and motifs to be the real deal. Let’s have a look at some motifs and themes so you can get inspiration for your American style tattoo.

  1. Check out some Jerry Sailor designs that will give you the most authentic tattoo
  2. Different themes like eagle tattoos, pin-up tattoos, and cross tattoos are some examples of following the authentic American style tattoo ideas.

What is a Neo-Traditional Tattoo?

A neo-traditional tattoo is a spin on American style tattoos. They incorporate the traditional designs and incorporate them with new designs and themes. Neo-traditional tattoos also use more colors which are brighter at times.

This results in a gorgeous design with traditional elements and a mix of modern elements. There is more detail, and the combination of different styling gives it a unique look.

If you are looking for something traditional with a touch of modern art in tattoos, this would be a good choice.

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To conclude, American style tattoos are an excellent choice for men and women alike. Especially the ones who love the authentic designs by Jerry Sailor and are in awe of his brilliant tattoo work.
Once you have decided which theme and motif you want, remember to go to a tattoo artist who is experienced with American style tattoos and can create beautiful tattoos without losing their originality.

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