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Zinnia Tattoo

53 Zinnia Tattoo Flower Ideas

Inside: Adorable Zinnia tattoo flower ideas that will make you sing. Zinnias are one of my absolute favorite kinds of flowers. They have a defining look to them that I just can’t get over! So naturally, I wanted to show you how pretty these flowers can be in tattoo form. Floral tattoos are super popular […] Read more…

Ranunculus Tattoo

87 Ranunculus Tattoo Flower Ideas

Inside: Ranunculus tattoo ideas that will make your heart happy. When it comes to tattoos, there is no theme more popular than floral tattoos. I completely understand why; Floral tattoos are beautiful without trying to be, they are deep and inspirational depending on your flower, and they are timeless. Naturally, with there being hundreds of […] Read more…

Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas

47 Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas

Inside: Kawaii Hello Kitty tattoo ideas that will make you happy. Hello Kitty had such a big part in so many people’s childhoods. It was one of my absolute favorite TV shows as a kid, I will never forget how many different Hello Kitty-themed toys I had! It was insane. Hello Kitty(aka Kitty White) is […] Read more…

half sleeve tattoo

What Is A Half Sleeve Tattoo – Is It Better Than A Full?

Inside: Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas. “Are Half Sleeve Tattoos Better Than Full?” is a frequently asked question by our readers. Before we dig into the debate, we’d like to first highlight that sleeve tattoos created to fill the entire arm aren’t for everyone – they are bold, overpowering, and intense. Getting permanently inked on any […] Read more…

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