Tattoos For Women

Watercolor Tattoos

What Exactly Is A Watercolor Tattoo?

Inside: What is a Watercolor Tattoo? What are Watercolor Tattoos? A watercolor tattoo is a bright, vivid marking made up of a number of subtle color gradients and techniques that create a more gradual color fade-out. This effect is intended to mimic the characteristics of a classic watercolor painting, which is where the style gets its name. Dose a […] Read more…

Aster Flower Tattoos

37 Bold Aster Flower Tattoo Designs + Ideas

Inside: 30+ Bold Aster Flower Tattoo Designs + Ideas. Aster flowers are an enchanting perennial loved for their colorful hues and elegant style. They also carry deep meaning and symbolism spanning numerous cultures over the past few centuries and are as popular as ever today in gardens and floral design. Check out the amazing meaning […] Read more…

Sailor Jerry

Who is Sailor Jerry + the Tattoo Style

Inside: Who is Sailor Jerry & what is this tattoo style all about? Who is Sailor Jerry? Sailor Jerry was born Norman Collins but chose to define himself on his own terms. He simply wasn’t one of those people born to live a middle-of-the-road life and he knew it. Back in the 1920s, when Collins […] Read more…

Shooting Star Tattoo Ideas

Luck Filled Shooting Star Tattoo Designs + Ideas

Inside: Luck Filled Shooting Star Tattoo Designs + Ideas. It’s considered lucky if you see a shooting star in real life. A tattooed version might represent the attraction of good fortune to the wearer. Seeing a shooting star represents the opportunity to make a wish. Rihanna’s trail of shooting stars is probably one of the […] Read more…

Ankle Tattoo iDeas

53+ Flirty Ankle Tattoo Designs for Women

Inside: Flirty Ankle Tattoo Designs for Women That Look Great With Summer Slides.  One of the most popular body art placements for women is the ankle. It is an area that lends itself well to small designs, like a butterfly or pretty flowers. You can also go for a simple black ink or pick something […] Read more…

Areola Tattoo

Why Do Women Get Areola Tattoos?

Inside: Areola Tattoo definition & Inspiration.  What is an Areola Tattoo + Why get one? A nipple and areola tattoo can be done after breast and nipple reconstruction surgery. It will help recreate your nipple and areola and complete your breast reconstruction. If you don’t have a nipple reconstruction procedure, the nipple will be flat, […] Read more…

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