Tattoos For Women

Tattoos that fade fast

Do Tattoos Fade? { How + Why? }

Inside: Do Tattoos Fade? { How + Why? } Tattoos are pretty permanent, but that doesn’t mean you never see a faded tattoo. There’s a lot to think about before getting inked, but just to add another consideration into the mix. It turns out some parts of the body are much more likely to see tattoos […] Read more…

Small Meaningful Tattoos for the New Year

21 Small Meaningful Tattoos For 2021

Inside: 21 Small Meaningful Tattoos for the New Year 2021. Tattoos carry significant meaning for most people who get them. Often, they’re chosen to remember an important life moment, like a birth or a relationship, or to symbolize struggles and obstacles that the person had to overcome. But what about getting a meaningful tattoo as […] Read more…

Small Heart Tattoos

53 Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

Inside: Simply Adorable Small Heart Tattoos. There are many variations of heart tattoos, and each has a special meaning. The symbol could serve as a reminder of heartbreak and how far the individual has come, it could be used to commemorate a loved one after their untimely passing, or be a simple yet powerful expression […] Read more…

Hibiscus Tattoo

Dainty Hibiscus Tattoo Ideas + Meaning

Inside: Dainty Hibiscus Tattoo Ideas + Meaning One of the most beautiful and dainty flowers is hibiscus. When it comes to meaningful floral tattoos, hibiscus mostly takes the lead. This flower is more feminine and fits perfectly on women. The uniqueness of this particular flower is that It can sync with any other design very […] Read more…

Stretch Mark Tattoos

Stunning Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoos

Inside: Stunning Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoos. Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy but can also occur with obesity followed by weight loss in women and men. Skin is stretched and torn after which the healing process begins which repairs the damaged area but this can leave its mark, literally. The skin in the […] Read more…

Cross Tattoos for Women

25 Amazing Cross Tattoos for Women

Inside: 25 Amazing Cross Tattoos for Women.  A cross tattoo is one of the most versatile, classic tattoo choices a woman can make. From the placement of the tattoo to the type of cross to the design style and choice of colors, the options are almost infinite. Cross tattoos are not about religion alone, but […] Read more…

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