Inside: Types of Body Art Tattoos.

What is Body Art?

It is made on, with, or consisting of, the human body. The most common forms are tattoos and piercings. Other types include scarification, branding, subdermal implants, shaping (for example tight-lacing of corsets), full-body tattoo, and body painting.

Body Art Tattoo Definition

Types of Tattoo Body Art

Tattoos: Tattoos are permanent designs on the skin. They are made with colored inks injected under the skin using a machine called a tattoo gun.

Cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup): Cosmetic tattooing (including eye and lip-lining) is most commonly performed in beauty salons and may be advertised as permanent makeup rather than tattooing.

If you are thinking of having one of these procedures, remember cosmetic styles change, and although the work will fade over time. It is a permanent procedure. Check out our favorite Freckles Tattoos! 

Temporary tattoos: Reactions to temporary tattoos and henna tattoos have been reported. People with sensitive skin or with any skin conditions such as eczema, or with known allergies, should avoid temporary tattoos including henna tattoos.

Other Forms of Body Designs

Body piercings: Traditionally body piercings were limited to ears, tongues, and lips – places that could be pierced right through. Now, with advancements in the piercing industry, piercings can be placed virtually anywhere.

Beading: Beading is also known as three-dimensional body art – involves cutting open the skin and inserting stainless steel or silicone implants (such as rings, beads and other jewelry) beneath it.

Scarification: Scarification involves cutting the skin with surgical tools or a laser to create scar tissue.

Branding: Branding involves using heated surgical steel (hot branding) or dry ice (cold branding) to leave a permanent scar or mark on the skin.

Examples of Body Art

Check out these examples of all different forms of body art.

Body Art Tattoo Ideas

1. Tattoo Art

2. Cosmetic Tattooing

3. Temporary Tattoo

4. Body Piercing

5. Scarification