Inside: What is a Pneumatic Tattoo Machine?

What is a pneumatic machine?

A pneumatic device, any of various tools and instruments that generate and utilize compressed air. Examples include rock drills, pavement breakers, riveters, forging presses, paint sprayers, blast cleaners, and atomizers.
Pneumatic Tattoo Machine Definition

What is a pneumatic tattoo machine?

Basically, a pneumatic tattoo machine uses an air compressor to power the needle, instead of the other common types of tattoo machines, such as coil and rotary. The difference between the types of machines revolves around the different ways that the needle injecting the ink, is powered in its movements up and down.

How does a Pneumatic Tattoo Machine Work?

The original machine is powered by an air compressor. You have to attach the machine to the air compressor before releasing the pressure.

Once the pressure is released, it powers the machine’s motor so that the needle can move up and down for tattooing. You can adjust the pressure from the air compressor to control how fast or slow you want the needle to move.

If you are using the hybrid machine, you have the option of using an air compressor or electricity to power it. All you have to do is connect the machine to an electric power source, switch on your machine and get tattooing.

Pneumatic Tattoo Machine

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