Inside: Airbrush Tattoo Defined.

What is an Airbrush Tattoo?

Airbrush tattoos are high-tech temporary tattoos. Using temporary inks and an airbrush machine to apply a design of choice to the skin.

Airbrush tattooing is comparable to spray paint. The airbrush paint is sprayed through a stencil of the desired design.

Airbrush Tattoos Defined

Key Takeaways:

  • They can last from seven to fourteen days.
  • Airbrush tattoos are high-tech temporary tattoos.
  • They do not hurt at all.

Is an Airbrush Tattoo Permanent?

They can last from seven to fourteen days – far longer than your average temporary tattoo. Only taking a few minutes to apply, and you can normally have customized stencils made for you, allowing you to have a completely unique temporary tattoo. They are waterproof but easily removed with baby oil.

How Do You Make Airbrush Tattoos Last Longer?

Hairspray: Application of hairspray on the tattoo can make it last for over a month. The hairspray should be applied from a distance of 12-16 inches from the tattoo. Baby powder should also be applied before the application of hairspray.

Do Airbrush Tattoos Hurt?

Does it hurt? Not at all! While tattooing utilizes needles to embed ink beneath the surface of the skin, airbrushing is only applied atop the skin.

What Ink is Used for Airbrush Tattoos?

OPHIR 12x30ML/Bottle Airbrush Body Art Inks Pigment for Airbrushing Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Body Colors. 12 colors with high quality for you to choose from. Through SGS-EN71 certification, non-toxic and harmless to the nail and skin without any side effects.

Can I Use Tattoo Ink in My Airbrush?

Inks work well in an airbrush. Being so thin they spray perfectly with no need for reduction. They spray best at a lower pressure (15-20 psi.) Keep in mind that most inks are very transparent and are easily absorbed.

Airbrush Tattoo Ideas

Airbrush Tattoo Designs Inspiration & Ideas

1. Snowflake Design

2. Lions Head

3. Colorful Butterfly

4. Dragon Tattoo

5. Sunset Design