Inside: Coolest phoenix tattoo for women.

Getting a tattoo is a super personal decision. You can get something that has a bunch of deeper meanings, or you can go with a design that you like just for looks. Either way, tattoos are a wonderful form of expression.

From my experience, getting a tattoo is a way to start a new chapter. So if you are embarking on the next phase of your life, perhaps getting a tattoo should be your next course of action.

Fierce Phoenix Tattoo for Woman

One of my all-time favorite tattoos that symbolize growth and rebirth, is a Phoenix tattoo. These designs are not only beautiful, but they act as a source of inspiration as well. I’ve found the fiercest Phoenix Tattoos for women, so if you are interested…keep reading.

How Much Does a Phoenix Tattoo Cost?

Cost is a huge factor to determine when you are getting a tattoo. They can be pretty spendy, so knowing what kind of design you want before going into your local tattoo parlor is key. Otherwise, you may end up with a crazy bill that you are unable to pay.

The best way to get an estimate on the design you want is to have a consultation with your tattoo artist. They are the only ones that can give you an accurate idea of how much your tattoo will cost. Because off the top of my head, I can assume that a Phoenix tattoo can cost anywhere from $100-$5000 or more depending on how large or detailed you get it.

Obviously, larger tattoos are going to cost more. This is because artists will typically charge you for their work by the hour. If your tattoo takes several hours…it’s going to cost you more.

Does It Hurt?

Yes, getting a tattoo is going to be painful. The good news is, it’s not as bad as you think! The pain is very manageable. I was terrified before getting my first tattoo, but when it was over I remember thinking to myself, “Huh, that’s like someone was drawing on me with a bee’s stinger.”

I know, that doesn’t sound wonderful either, but compared to gut-wrenching pain, it’s not bad. If you are still worried, I have some tips on how to make your tattoo experience less painful.

First, always have numbing cream on hand. You can get this stuff on Amazon, and a lot of tattoo parlors will offer it as well. You just apply a bit to the spot you want to get tatted, and it will help to numb the area.

Second, you can choose a spot that isn’t as painful. There are many pain indexes out there(including this one for women) that will show you how painful certain areas are to get tattooed. Choose an area that is known to be less harmful.

Simple Phoenix Tattoo for Woman.

Simple Phoenix Tattoo for Woman

First up, I have some simpler tattoo ideas for those of you looking for something cheap and adorable. The ideas below are going to show you that you don’t need a crazy big tattoo for it to be awesome!

1. Phoenix Design On Ribs

2. Colorful Water Color Idea

3. Abstract Colorful Tattoo

4. Thin Lined Tattoo

5. Phoenix in Black and White

6. Detailed Small Tattoo

7. Abstract Simple Linework

8. Cute Ink Design

9. Black Lined Phoenix

10. Small Black Lined Phoenix

11. Black and White Bird with Fire Whisps

12. Black and White Bird Idea

13. Simple Black Sillouette

14. Dainty and Clean Bird

15. Phoenix with Moon

Detailed Tattoo Ideas

If you want something with a little more detail, then I think you will enjoy the ideas below. These have tons of awesome addition that make each of them unique and beautiful in their own way.

16. Detailed Sleeve Idea

17. Realistic Phoenix Idea

18. Dark Phoenix Idea

19. Detailed Back Piece

20. Shadowed Phoenix Idea

21. Red Fierce Phoenix

22.Red Phoenix Sleeve Idea

23. Large Back Tattoo Idea

24. Phoenix with Compass

25. Phoenix with Pink Flowers

26. Unique Phoenix Idea with Blue Hues

27. Small Phoenix with Flowers

28. Abstract Triangle Phoenix

29. Traditional Style Bird

30. Light Pink Blossoms

Colorful Phoenix Tattoo for Woman

Here I have some colorful Phoenix tattoo for woman that I think you will like. Some people like to make sure all their tattoos are colorful, others will stick to black and white. So decide which side you are on after seeing these ideas.

31. 2 Phoenixes

32. Phoenix Sleeve with Flowers

33. Black Flying Phoenix

34. Beautiful Wingspan

35. Feminine Phoenix Idea

36. Black and White Ink with Orange Hues

37. Epic Phoenix with Abstract Details

38. Phoenix with White Eyes

39. Fierce Phoenix Idea

40. Phoenix with Feathers

41. Realistic Phoenix Idea

42. Rainbow Phoenix Design

43. Phoenix in Front of Dream Catcher

44. Colorful Epic Bird

45. Feminine Colorful Phoenix

3 black and white detailed Phoenix designs.

Unique Tattoo Ideas for Women

Next up, I wanted to include some more unique ideas that I those who identify as women will enjoy. Each showcases elements of softness and strength, 2 attributes that go hand in hand with womanhood.

46. Messy Looking Phoenix

47. Phoenix and Dragon Tattoos

48. Calf Tattoo Idea

49. Abstract Outline of Phoenix

50. Red-Eyed Phoenix

51. Black and White Large Bird

52. Chest Tattoo Idea

53. Red Phoenix with Yellow

54. Phoenix Leg Tattoo

55. Phoenix with Gears

56. Soft Fantasy Bird

57. Large Red Traditional Phoenix

58. Classic Beautiful Red Bird

59. Patterned Phoenix Idea

60. Black and White Watercolor

Dainty Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

If you love a daintier look, then this is the list for you. I prefer my tattoos to be on the daintier side as well, because it brings out my femininity in a way that traditional tattoos don’t.

61. Dainty Simple Tattoo

62. Dark and Detailed Piece

63. Colorful Bird Idea

64. Powerful and Feminine Tattoo

65. Sunflower Phoenix Design Tattoo

66. Bird Chest Tattoo

67. Phoenix Sketch Idea

68. Cute Thigh Design

69. Abstract Swirl Phoenix Idea

70. Phoenix Losing Feathers

71. Delicate Phoenix Design with Colors

72. Beautiful Rainbow Bird

73. Splatter Sillouette

74. Perfect Phoenix with Flower

75. Orange and Red Tattoo

3 Different tattoos with soft Japanese birds and bold colors.

More Phoenix Tattoos for Women

This next list includes ideas that I just couldn’t bring myself to leave out. Each of them shows a unique take on this theme, so I wanted to bring them to your attention.

76. Red Moon Behind Phoenix

77. Simple Pastel Orange Bird

78. Ankle Wrapped Bird Idea

79. Phoenix Quarter Sleeve

80. Full Sleeve in B&W

81. Phoenix with Little Smile

82. Tattoo On Back of Shoulder

83. Simplest Design

84. Phoenix on Pillar

85. Phoenix with Peacock Idea

86. Scary and Strong Ink

87. Purple Phoenix

88. Light Grey Tattoo Idea

89. Leg Sleeve

90. Cute Foot Tattoo

Traditional Style Tattoo Ideas

If you love a more traditional style of tattoo, then I think you are going to love the ideas below. Some of them have a newer take on this style, but they all give off that traditional energy.

91. Light Orange Bird Idea

92. Peacock Phoenix Idea

93. Phoenix For Strength

94. Phoenix with Compass Detailing

95. Blue Phoenix Ideas

96. Phoenix with Moon Cycle

97. Phoenix Coming Out of Rose

98. Geometric Bird Idea

99. Sweet Thigh Idea

100. Black and White Strong Phoenix

101. Phoenix with Spiraled Sun

102. Large Sleeve Phoenix

103. Shadowed Soft Phoenix

104. Negative Filler Tattoo

Fierce Phoenix Tattoo for Women

Lastly, here are the fiercest Phoenix tattoo for women. I think you will find the list below to be full of ideas that are both inspiring and visually fierce. Check them out.

105. Vibrant Orange Tattoo

106. Phoenix with Triangle

107. Colorful Rainbow Phoenix

108. Elegant Swirled Phoenix

109. Feminine Sleeve Idea

110. Large Back Tattoo

111. Phoenix with Clock

112. Amazing and Vibrant Phoenix

113. Flying Phoenix with Red Sun

114. Phoenix in Clouds

115. Inner Arm Tattoo Idea

116. Watercolor Rainbow with Abstract Lines

117. Gemstones On Wings

118. Orange Phoenix with Simple Feathers

119. Beautiful Styled Phoenix

120. Simple Outline

121. Phoenix Wrist Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo for Woman

And there you have it, the fiercest Phoenix tattoo for women. I hope that these tattoos have inspired you as much as they did for me. If you feel like you are entering a new phase of your life, honor that occasion by getting a tattoo!

By the time you are old, you will be able to look at your skin and be able to see the timeline of your life. I think that is pretty cool!

If you loved this list of mystical creature tattoos, maybe you should check out some of my other ones here. There is a lot to check out!

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