Inside: Cutest trendy inner forearm tattoo ideas that you will love.

There are many different places where you can get a tattoo, and placement is everything. When you are adding to a tattoo collection, one bad placement and your sleeve could start to look haphazard and thrown together. No one wants that!

One of my favorite places to see tattoos on people is the inner forearm. It’s my favorite because it’s the perfect canvas for your ink art. It’s flat and on display, for everyone to see.

Trendy Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas. Photo of sun with roses.

So I wanted to share with you some inspiration for your own inner forearm tattoo. I gathered up the best trendy inner forearm tattoo ideas from around the internet, so I know that one of these will be the tattoo for you.  But before we get into that, I think I should cover…

Tattoo Cost

This is probably one of the biggest questions that you may be contemplating when thinking about getting an inner forearm tattoo. How much is it going to cost? I am the queen of undershooting when it comes to my tattoo prices, so I have learned a few things over the years.

You need to ALWAYS get an estimate from your tattoo artist. Artists can charge different rates, so a small tattoo in one shop could be one price, and the same design in another could be double. So keep an eye on those rates!

This way you will have time to save if your tattoo is out of your current budget, and you can plan on bringing a tip for the tattoo artist. Which is absolutely necessary because it helps them out more than you know. They are most likely renting a space at the shop they work at, so every little penny counts.

Will It Hurt?

My first tattoo was an inner forearm tattoo. I went to my appointment alone on my 18th birthday, sat down in that chair a nervous girl, and stood up with a tattoo that I loved. On the way out, I wanted to book my next appointment.

I admit that first tattoos can be scary, especially the pain factor. But you have to remember that you are tough enough to do anything you want to set your mind to. Yes, your tattoo is going to hurt. But I bring good news: Your inner forearm is one of the least painful spots to get one done!

If you think pain is going to be a big problem for you, then I suggest bringing some numbing cream to your appointment. It does exactly what it sounds like it does: Numbs the area where it is applied.  So there are ways around tattoo pain. You will obviously still feel some discomfort, but it will be tiny compared to if you got a tattoo without it.

Inner forearm tattoo ideas. 3 different simple ideas.

Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Below you will find a list of my favorite inner forearm tattoo ideas for you to start with. Finding the one that is perfect will be a very personal process. My hope is that you can use these ideas as a basis for finding the one that is perfect for you.

1. Cute Sun Tattoo – I am such a sucker for a cute sun tattoo. Currently I have 2 of them on me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got more before I was done.

2. Twinkle Star Tattoos – I love these little twinkle stars they are so cute!

3. Abstract Tree Idea – Trees can hold a lot of symbolism, so if you love to have your tattoos mean something deeper…I think this is a great idea.

4. Bouquet Of Flowers – You will never need someone else to buy you flowers again, you can permanently have your own tattooed onto you!

5. Cute Butterfly Tattoo Idea – How could I not include a butterfly tattoo? They are basic in the best way possible. Check them out.

6. Cool John Lennon Tattoo – CALLING ALL BEATLES FANS! This is a super cool job Lennon tattoo idea that I think you are going to absolutely love.

7. Quote with Stars – If you wanted to get a simple quote, look no further than this awesome idea. It even includes some stars.

8. Bee Sleeve Idea – Bees are some of my favorite things to see included in a tattoo. This is because they are so aesthetically pleasing! What do you think?

9. Earth Themed Tattoos – Mother Earth is our home. She gives us everything, so what is the best way to show her our love(other than living sustainably)? To get a tattoo of her!

10. Geometric Tattoo Idea – For those of you who like things to be much cleaner and more mathematical, check out this geometric tattoo idea.

11. Line of Shells – For those of you who share a connection to the ocean, getting a tattoo of a shell is a wonderful idea. They are so cute and super distinct.

12. Snake Tattoo Idea – I love snake tattoos because even though they look edgy, they have a beautiful message behind them. You have to let go in order to grow!

13. Tiger Eyes Idea – Tigers have very definable eyes that I think make for a wonderful tattoo. What do you think? You can make them any color you want!

14. 3 Butterfly Tattoo – Sometimes, just one butterfly is not enough. This tattoo includes 3 separate butterflies to triple the cuteness.

15. Dandelion Tattoo Idea – dandelions are one of my favorite flowers because they can go through so many changes. Plus it helps that you get to make wishes on them!

16. Tulip Tattoo Idea – Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, but I can’t have them in my house because cats are allergic. I guess I will settle with a tattoo instead!

Black and white forearm sleeve tattoo ideas.

Trendy Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you a list of some trendy inner forearm tattoo ideas that will help you to further hone in on your tattoo style. This can be a hard process because so many of these tattoos are so cool! But I know you can do this!

17. Tarot Card Tattoo

18. 3 Flower Tattoo Ideas

19. Yin and Yang Tattoo

20. Psalm Hand Idea

21. Hummingbird Tattoo Idea

22. Seeing Eye Ball

23. Simple Flower Idea

24. Scorpion and Snake Tattoo

25. Yin and Yang Fish Idea

26. Rune Tattoo Idea

27. Cute Quote with Flowers

28. Cute Symbol Tattoos

29. Butterfly Ink Design

30. XOXO Tattoo

31. Studio Ghibli Idea

inner forearm tattoo ideas.

There you have it, the trendiest inner forearm tattoo ideas that you can show your tattoo artist today when you get your tattoo.

I know that picking your design feels like a stressful process sometimes. Believe me, I get it. There are high stakes! But as long as it’s something you enjoy, I think whatever you get will be perfect. If you want to look at more specific tattoo ideas, you are in the right space.

Check out some of my other favorite tattoo ideas that I think will look awesome on an inner forearm. I have everything from florals to movie characters, so I know there is something that interests you.