Inside: Beautiful + Meaningful Lily Flower Tattoo Ideas. 

When it comes to flowers, few compare to the radiant lily. With its variations in both color and meaning, lilies make for gorgeous tattoos. Whether you’re celebrating your own femininity or creating a floral tribute to a loved one, the lily flower has come to carry many different meanings. Bouquets that include this trumpet-shaped bloom can represent affection, romantic love, or remembrance.

Lilies make for great stand-alone pieces, ideal for larger-than-life tattoos, but can also be easily incorporated into already-existing designs. Read on for some beautiful lily flower tattoo ideas!


Lily Flower Tattoo

Lily Flower Tattoo Meaning

The lily flower can trace its origins back to Ancient Greece. Associated with the goddess of motherhood herself, Hera, the flower has, over time, come to symbolize attributes associated with the might goddess: purity, motherhood, and beauty. In modern day Greece, brides will often weave lily flowers into their hair or carry bouquets to symbolize their transition into a new time of life.

In many other cultures, the lily is also a flower of mourning–funeral arrangements will often feature one or more types of lilies to signify the passing of life to death. There are literally dozens of different types of lilies. Here are just a few that would make beautiful tattoo designs:

  • Stargazer lilies–bright pink and white with a speckling of red in the center
  • Tiger lilies–if you’re a fan of the Zodiac, this fiery orange flower is the official flower of the star sign Aries
  • Calla lilies–more tube like in appearance, calla lilies come in vibrant pinks and yellows

As with many other blooms, the color of the petals can hold specific meaning in both floral arrangements and tattoo designs. This is important to keep in mind when designing a piece with specific symbolism:

  • White lilies are often used in churches to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary
  • Pink lilies represent femininity and are the official flower of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making it a great tributary idea if you or someone you’ve loved has battled breast cancer
  • Yellow lilies mean good health and fortune, and gratitude
  • Red lilies–as with many other flowers–signify love, passion, and romance.

Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

1. Diamond Lily Tattoo

2. Lily + Bee’s

3. Lily Flower Shoulder Piece

4. Forearm Lily Tattoo Design

Lily Flower Tattoo

5. Single Black and White Lily Flower 

6. Pretty Lily Bundle

7. Small Lily Flower Tattoo

Lily Flower Tattoo

Different Types of Lily Flower Designs

8. Lily of the Valley Flower Tattoo

9. Bold Calla Tiger Lily Flower Tattoo

10. Water Lily Flower Tattoo

11. Detailed Lily of the Valley Tattoo

12. Tiny Tiger Lily Tattoo

Flower Tattoo Ideas

13. Black and White Water Lily

14. Lily of the Valley Wrapped Design

15. Tiger Lily Tattoo Side Piece

16. Back Water Lily Tattoo

Lily Flower Tattoo

Beautiful Flower Designs

17. Lily Head Tattoo

18. Pink Lilys

19. Small Flower Tattoo Design

20. Lilly Bundle Idea

Flower tattoos for women

21. Ankle Tattoo Idea

22. Dainty Lily Tattoo

23. Matching Lily Flower Tattoo

Flower Designs

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