Inside: Strong Leo Tattoo Ideas Full of Romance + Drama. 

Those who have been born under the sign of Leo are the most likely to sport a Leo tattoo. The lion symbolizes Leo, and fire signs rule the spirit world jungle as kings and queens. They are enthralled by the idea of being royalty: When it comes to being in the spotlight, Leos revel in the attention.

Because of their natural leadership abilities and fondness for nurturing relationships sparked by artistic and creative endeavors, these lions make excellent friends and romantic partners.

If you’re a Leo looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, look no further than some of our favorite romantic and dramatic Leo tattoo designs.

Leo Tattoo Ideas

About the Leo Sign

The Sun is the center of our universe, and Leo is ruled by it. The Sun is typically seen as a symbol of the human ego and the powerful life force. At the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Apollo was regarded as the Sun God, responsible for lighting up the night sky with his chariot of blazing horses. It’s no surprise that Leo is so passionate!

When they begin to worry that their star power will be overlooked, they can become depleted by their own self image, self absorption, and suspiciousness. Finally, Leos’ own arrogance becomes the greatest threat to their peace.

Leos are revered for their boundless energy and unwavering resolve, but they are also treasured for their fearless nature.

Leo Sign Tattoo Ideas

1. Floral Leo Sign

2. Leo Constellation Tattoo Idea

3. Leo Sign Behind the Ear

4. Small Leo Sign Tattoo

Leo Tattoo Ideas

5. Firey Leo Sign 

6. Forearm Leo Constellation

Leo Tattoo Ideas

7. Leo Stars

8. Leo Sign Ankle Tattoo

9. Finger Sign

10. Starry Leo Constellation

Small Tattoo Ideas

Fierce Leo Lion Tattoo Ideas

11. Large Lion Back Piece

12. Small Leo Lion Tattoo 

13. Lion Finger Tattoo

14. Colorful Lion Tattoo Idea

15. Fierce and Floral 

Lion Tattoo

16. Geometric Lion Head

17. Watercolor Leo Lion Tattoo

18. Detailed Lions Head

19. Small Lion 

20. Lion Outline Tattoo

Leo Tattoo Ideas

Stunning Small Leo Tattoos

21. Small Fire Sign Tattoo

22. Behind the Ear Leo

23. Small Leo Zodiac Tattoo

24. Perfect Leo Tattoo

Cool Tattoo

25. Little Leo

26. Small Lion Emoji

Small Tattoo

27. Leo Tattoo Designs Black and White

28. Small Scripted Leo Font

29. Lions Head

30. Tiny Leo Sign

Leo Tattoo

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