Inside: Our Favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos. 

Being the fourth sign in the zodiac means a lot of things, but to put it plainly: You’re an emotional crab.

You love hard and fast, but can also be a loner on your bad days (or good days, depending on how you look at it); you’re sensitive (hence the shell for protection) and nurturing; and you always follow your gut when it comes to big decision-making moments.

You’ve got a lot to offer the world, so why not celebrate it with a tattoo? Here is a list of our favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos.

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

What Do Cancer Tattoos Symbolize?

Symbolized by the crab, Cancer is the fourth astrological sign and originates from the constellation, Cancer. People born under this sign usually exhibit a wider range of personality traits than people born under other signs, but overall, Cancers are stable, nurturing, sensitive, and caring.

Like the crab that represents them, Cancers tend to protect their inner softness by presenting a hard veneer to the outside world. They typically place a high value on traditions, home life, and taking care of their loved ones. When a Cancer’s need to nest and nurture goes unmet, they may revert to the less pleasing traits of their character such as negative outbursts, dark moods, and over-sensitivity.

Our Favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

1. Cancer Crab & Moon Tattoo

2. Cancer Astrological Tattoo Color

3. Unique Cancer Zodiac Design

4. Moon Inspired Cancer Tattoo

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

5. Cancer Crab Tattoo 

6. Cancer Zodiac Sign

7. Script Font Cancer Design

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Cancer Constellation Tattoo Ideas

8. Simple Cancer Constellation Wrist Tattoo

9. Cancer Constellation Behind the Ear

10. Middle of Back Cancer Constellation

11. Planet & Moon Constellation Tattoo Design

12. Cancer Constellation Inspired Flower Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Cancer Crab Tattoo Designs

13. Red Outline Crab Tattoo

14. Small Cancer Crab Tattoo Idea

15. Cancer Zodiac Crab Tattoo

16. Cartoon Crab Tattoo Idea

Crab Tattoo Designs

17. Detailed Outline Crab

18. Cancer Crab Idea

19. Geometric Crab Tattoo

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas

20. Small Cancer Zodiac Sign

21. Black and White Cancer Tattoo Designs

22. Small Zodiac Sign Tattoo

23. Cancer Zodiac Sign in Triangle

24. Floral Inspired Cancer Sign

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

25. Cancer Tattoo Idea

26. Unique Cancer Sign Design

27. Rib Zodiac Tattoo

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

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