Inside: Our Favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos. 

Are you an emotional crab five days out seven? If so, then you’re probably a Cancer. Cancer signs are emotional, yes, but they’re also powerful. Cancers are intuitive and loyal. Once you’ve broken through a Cancer’s hard exterior, you’ve got a friend for life! According to the Zodiac calendar, Cancers are represented by the crab. With a hard outer shell to protect them from harm, Cancer babies can be loners, but also extremely nurturing.

Why not celebrate your Zodiac sign and all its complicated beauty with tattoo? Here are some of our favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos.

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

What Do Cancer Tattoos Symbolize?

Being the fourth astrological sign, people born under the constellation of Cancer are incredibly caring, sensitive, and loyal. You’ll never meet a more stable friend. Or a more blunt one. Cancers don’t like to mask–what you see is what you get! For better or worse. Cancers are notoriously creative and artistic. While some signs might say Cancers are hard to please, overly sensitive, and moody, they’re missing out on all the positives of those very same traits!

When a Cancer is happy with you and in love, you’ll know it! It’s that same sensitivity that make Cancers compassionate. They are, after all, the emotional heart of the zodiac. You want the perfect playlist for a rainy-day drive? Look no further than the carefully curated Spotify profile of a Cancer. By getting a Cancer tattoo, you’re embracing who you are at the heart of who you are–a creative, resilient, loving, and loyal person!

Our Favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

1. Cancer Crab & Moon Tattoo

2. Cancer Astrological Tattoo Color

3. Unique Cancer Zodiac Design

4. Moon Inspired Cancer Tattoo

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

5. Cancer Crab Tattoo 

6. Cancer Zodiac Sign

7. Script Font Cancer Design

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Cancer Constellation Tattoo Ideas

8. Simple Cancer Constellation Wrist Tattoo

9. Cancer Constellation Behind the Ear

10. Middle of Back Cancer Constellation

11. Planet & Moon Constellation Tattoo Design

12. Cancer Constellation Inspired Flower Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Cancer Crab Tattoo Designs

13. Red Outline Crab Tattoo

14. Small Cancer Crab Tattoo Idea

15. Cancer Zodiac Crab Tattoo

16. Cartoon Crab Tattoo Idea

Crab Tattoo Designs

17. Detailed Outline Crab

18. Cancer Crab Idea

19. Geometric Crab Tattoo

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas

20. Small Cancer Zodiac Sign

21. Black and White Cancer Tattoo Designs

22. Small Zodiac Sign Tattoo

23. Cancer Zodiac Sign in Triangle

24. Floral Inspired Cancer Sign

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

25. Cancer Tattoo Idea

26. Unique Cancer Sign Design

27. Rib Zodiac Tattoo

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

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