Inside: What are some cool hand tattoo ideas & are they a good idea for your lifestyle?

Hand tattoos are a cool way to show off your art and personality with some ink! These hand tattoo designs are sure to get you excited and inspired to get inked. The designs range from simple to intricate, and all look awesome!

Cool Tattoos

Are Hand Tattoos a Bad Idea?

Deciding to get a hand tattoo should be well thought out. They look awesome, but adding tattoos to your hands means that they will always be visible unless you are wearing gloves. In today’s society, tattoos aren’t taboo as they used to be, and you can have them in almost any profession without judgment. So, hand tattoos aren’t a bad idea; they should just be carefully thought about before deciding.

Do Hand Tattoos Hurt?

Due to the thin skin on your hands and fingers, hand tattoos can be pretty painful. Depending on your pain tolerance, you may not want to pick a hand or finger tattoo as your first piece!

Female Hand Tattoo Ideas

Check out these female hand tattoo designs and find some inspiration.

1. Tiny “Enough” Text on Hand

2. Temporary Butterfly Tattoo

3. Dainty Finger Tattoo Designs

4. Large Peony Hand Tattoo Art

5. Tiny Font with Quotes Around Hand

6. Sparkles Tattooed Effect

Female Hand Tattoo Ideas

7.  Small Smiley Face on Middle Finger

8. Full Hand of Tattoos and Little Designs

9. Colorful Pink Flower Hand Tattoo Idea

10. Red Ink Hand Tattoos

11. Queen of Hearts Finger Tattoo

12. Matching Snake Tattoos

Good Hand Tattoos

This section of hand tattoos is perfect for anyone looking for a big and bold statement, male or female. From roses to portraits of your pup, these designs have something for everyone.

13. Moon Phases Finger Tattoos

14. Mandala Hand Design Idea

15. Rose Stem Hand Tattoo

16. Dainty Finger Tattoo Idea

17. Portrait of Pet Dog Tattoo

Good Hand Tattoos

18. Fern Stem Tattoo on Thumb

19. “Pray” on Both Hands

20. Vines Wrapped Around Fingers and Hand

21. Sparkle Tattoo on Inner Finger

Hand Tattoo Drawings

These hand tattoo designs are flawless all around. From the intricate work of detailed flowers to a unique design of Madusa, check out a few more of our favorite hand tattoo ideas.

22. Large Rose Bud Tattoo on Hand

23. Detailed Dragon Fly Tattoo Idea

24. Madusa Feminine Tattoo Design

25. Black and White Butterly Tattoo Idea

26. Butterflies and Sparkles on Back of Hand

27. Two Flying Butterflies

28. Full Hand Flower Tattoo

Hand Tattoo Drawings

29. Happy Face on Middle Finger

30. Dainty Finger Tattoo Designs

31. Full Hand of Tattoos and Little Designs

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

We have noticed a trend in these hand tattoo ideas. Butterflies, quotes, and flowers make for perfect hand tattoo designs. Lucky for you we have the ultimate collection of tattoos that are perfect in those categories. Check out a few of our favorite designs that will go perfectly on the hand area.

More Inspiration

  • Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos – Watercolor tattoo designs are filled with vibrant colors, thick and thin lines, and realistic artwork. Gaining traction over the years, watercolor tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Once you see them, you’ll understand why! These beautiful butterfly watercolor tattoos are stylish, unique, and creative. Many watercolor pieces are larger in size because it takes more space to properly shade and get it to look more realistic. Be sure to check out these lovely designs for your next watercolor butterfly tattoo.
  • Vine TattooChoosing a vine tattoo is a great way to include an extra pop of color along with some very unique and intricate designs. They are great for filling in open spaces and adding that extra touch of charm. Check out these creative vine tattoos to get inspired!
  • Meaning Tattoo Quotes – Looking for a way to express yourself in a deep and meaningful way. Consider adding your passions directly to a tattoo using both imagery and words. Here are some inspirational quotes and phrases to help get your mind thinking about your perfect meaningful expression for your next body art masterpiece.
Hand Tattoo Ideas

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