Inside: Vine Tattoo Ideas to Represent Thriving + Surviving.

When looking for a tattoo, people with an appreciation of nature can go a lot of different ways but one tattoo that screams “nature” is the vine tattoo. The vine has a wonderful flow and can be incorporated into many tattoos.

The vine tattoo can be the focus of your tattoo or can simply be used as filler around other tattoos. In addition, the vine tattoo can be put anywhere on the body as it can flow and fill in any spot.

Whether they cover your whole back or run up and down your fingers, the vine tattoo is one of the most versatile subjects of tattoos that we have seen.

Vine Tattoo Ideas

Twining and swirling vine imagery is often used as a representation of a whimsical relationship with nature and the mystery of the natural world. The vine can be used decoratively, accompanying other imagery, or on its own. The long, stretching ropes of leaves and flowers are often used to cover limbs, down the back, or along the side of the body, enhancing the vine’s natural structure.

Vine Tattoo Meaning

The vine tattoo represents the ability to survive. The vine can grow anywhere. It uses other objects to climb to areas of more sunlight. No matter what, the vine will find a way to get to where they need to be. They refuse to die. The vine tattoo says a lot about a person. Those with the vine tattoo might have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives and survived to thrive and be better people. In fact, the tougher the environment, the stronger the vine gets. Not only is the vine or person able to thrive in harsh environments, but they can also end up growing beautiful flowers that exhibit what was hiding all along.

When describing the vine, you can say they aren’t easy to get rid of. They have very tenacious in their quests and they grip on tight to whatever object they have used to get where they are going. The bond between them and their object of stability is a strong one.

You could say the vine can be likened to being an anchor in a storm. No matter the surrounding storm, the vine will stay stuck and which can be a symbol of security. This might relate to the idea of sticking firmly to a way of life, an idea, a belief, or a lover. It means you are loyal but might also represent stubbornness.

The Perfectly Placed Vine Tattoo Ideas

1. Leg Wrapped Vine Tattoo 

2. Collarbone Vine Tattoo

3. Bold Vine Outline Forearm Design

4. Vine Wrapped Knee Tattoo

Black and White Vine Tattoo Ideas

5. Sideboob Vine Tattoo Idea

6. Neck Wrapped Vine Design

7. Vine Wrapped Bicep Tattoo

Vine Tattoo designs inspiration

Wrist + Hand Wrapped Vine Tattoos

8. Simple Wrist Wrapped Vine Tattoo

9. Wrist Flower Vine Tattoo Ideas

10. Whispy Vine Design

11. Vine and Flower Tattoo Design

12. Berry + Vine Tattoos

Vine Tattoo Ideas For Wrist Tattoos and Hands

13. Finger Wrapped Vine Tattoo

14. Simple Vine Outline

15. Soft Vine Wrapped Finger Design

16. Vine Wrapped Thumb

Hand Tattoos With Beautiful Vines

Uniquely Wrapped Ideas

17. Rose Vine Tattoo Idea

18. Hanging Vine Plant Tattoo

19. Flower and Vine Tattoo Designs Ideas

20. Multicolored Vine Tattoo

Plant Tattoos Designs For Sleeves

21. Vine Wrapped Ankle Idea

22. Fruit Bearing Vine

23. Rose Family Vine Tattoo Ideas

24. Full Hand Vine Design

Unique Vine Tattoo Ideas

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