Inside: Top thigh tattoos that are going to blow your mind

Looking for inspiration for your next thigh tattoo? Well, you are in the right place. I recently decided that a thigh tattoo is the next on my TBT list (to be tatted), so I have been scouring the internet for some ideas.

Needless to say, my searches were fruitful! I found so many different amazing designs that truly blew me away, and I just had to combine them into the ultimate list of the sickest thigh tattoos that you need to see! There are too many awesome ones to choose from. If you are specifically looking for flower thigh tattoos, I have you covered too.

I am not being dramatic when I say that these ideas are life-changing. I am having the hardest time choosing which one I want to use for inspiration, but there are worse problems out there than having too many options.

Sickest Thigh Tattoos You Need To See. Photo of unique floral tattoo with spiderwebs.

You are going to miss out if you wait another second before looking through these ideas. Before you do, though, I figure I could answer a few questions about thigh tattoos that you may have on your mind.

How much do thigh tattoos cost?

Great question! Typically, you can expect a thigh tattoo to cost anywhere from $50-$1000 or more, depending on the tattoo. Does that seem like a huge leap in price? That’s because it is! There are many different variables that go into the end price of a tattoo. Tattoo artists charge different prices, and the length of tattoos will be different depending on how long it takes to do. The list goes on.

So I would recommend chatting with your soon-to-be tattoo artist to see what their rate is and how long they think it will take to do the tattoo you are planning on getting. I’ve never had an artist steer me wrong!

Do they hurt?

Yes, thigh tattoos are going to hurt. The art of getting a tattoo consists of a tiny needle poking you thousands of times per second, of course, that is going to cause a little bit of discomfort. But…don’t fret because I have some amazing news.

Thigh tattoos are actually one of the least painful tattoos that you can get! That is because it is a ‘meatier’ area in your body. The areas that tend to have the bones closer to the surface have more nerve endings that will be affected by the needle when getting a tattoo. The fatty layer on your thigh is going to protect you from a lot of that pain.

With that being said, though, there is still going to be some discomfort. So if this is your tattoo, don’t expect there to be any. If you are really worried about it, I would recommend getting a bottle of tattoo numbing creams to use during your session.

butterfly tattoo in black and white. Moon tattoo with chandelier design. Tattoo of woman holding the earth.

Thigh Tattoos

I wanted to start off simple, but even these tattoos are just absolutely killer. So take a look through these and bookmark the ones that you would like to see on yourself.

Remember that it is never okay to copy another artist’s work, but you can use it as a reference point for the artist that you are working with. Happy tattoo hunting!

1. Butterfly on Knee

2. Tiger in Black and White

3. Moon with Chandelier

4. Butterfly with Flowers

5. Mountainscape with Moon

6. Flower Themed Record Player

7. Woman Sitting with the Earth

8. Small Venus Fly Trap Tattoo

9. Cat Tattoo with Flowers

Unique Thigh Tattoos You’ll Love

Next up, I have some unique designs that I wanted to run by you. Below are some seriously cool and unique thigh tattoos that are out of the box and begging to be tatted! Seriously, has a tattoo ever just screamed at you? If not, the ones below will.

10. Rabbit Running Themed Thigh

11. Dragon Themed Tattoo Thigh

12. Detailed Fish Idea

13. Floral Themed Flower Idea

14. Skull Tattoo Idea

15. Flower Tattoo with Scorpion

16. Lizard Tattoo Idea in B&W

17. Skull Made Out Of Flowers

18. The Lovers Tarot Card Idea

Tattoo with flowers and two bees. Another tattoo with a bunny and strawberries. And a photo of a snail tattoo.

Sickest Thigh Tattoos You Need To See

Alright, I saved the sickest for the last. This list is some of my favorite ones in this whole article. The combination of style, meaning, and execution has really just left me swooning. I think you will feel the same way when you see these. For this list, I am going to walk you through

19. Sword with Butterfly 

I think that this tattoo is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. We all have a little bit of both within us, and seeing them both come out in this tattoo is seriously awesome.

20. Thigh Tattoos – Moon and Snake Tattoo 

I am such a sucker for the natural world. You can probably see that reflected a bit in my tattoo choices. I try to get a good mix going, but it’s hard when there are so many beautiful ones like this moon and snake tattoo. The shading is what gets me. Take a look to see if this is your style!

21. Double Bee Tattoo

I love bees. I love them so much that I have more than one tattooed on me. I am having a hard time not making that three! I love that there are so many different kinds of bee tattoos out there. Some are realistic, others are more avant guard, if you will. Whatever the style that you are looking for, this tattoo is seriously going to make you swoon.

22. Mandala Tattoo In Black and White

I think mandalas make for such beautiful tattoos. They remind me of sacred geometry, the geometric shapes that make up all life and earth. I think getting this represented on your body is a wonderful tribute to all living things. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are super good looking!

23. Mushroom and Fern Tattoo with Moth

This is one of my favorite designs on this entire list. I am seriously obsessed with this moth and mushroom tattoo, more than I should be. I think I have found my winner! All though, I do have a few others high on my list too. There is something so magical and calming about mushrooms and moths. They truly belong together.

24. Statue Themed Tattoo Idea

I thought this design was super unique. You never really know what you are going to find on the internet, but I am glad I found this. The shading is INSANE.

25. Bee with Flowers

Okay, I am sorry. But here is another bee tattoo. This time it’s surrounded by flowers though, isn’t that cool! Bees and flowers go hand in hand, so I think this tattoo is beautiful.

26. Thigh Tattoos – Snail Tattoo


27. Flower and Hare Tattoo

And lastly, this is an amazing flower and hare tattoo that makes me feel like a kid again. I used to love the Peter Rabbit books!

thigh tattoo

Okay, I know the position you are in now…”how will I ever choose a thigh tattoo” Cue the fainting spell. Am I right? I told you there were too many good ideas to choose from!

At the end of the day, something that helps me choose is to think about which ones just make my heart the happiest. There are going to be tattoos that look cool, mean something cool, and one that does both. Go for one that does both. That way, you look cool and feel cool. There are many other factors that can go into choosing a tattoo, but those are my top two.

If you fell in love with that mushroom tattoo like I did, check those out!

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