Inside: 23 Sizzling Sun Tattoo Ideas + Designs.

If there were no sun, quite frankly speaking, there would be the presence of life on the planet earth. The star remains the center point of the solar system and has been worshiped by the culture since early times. To this day, the sun holds its place as a powerful symbol.

The sun has strong symbolism and represents light, rebirth, and strength.

You can get many things as a tattoo; you can opt for a heart or a star; it can be a musical sign or a skull – anything that is meaningful to you or you like. People who love the concept of unicorns get it tattooed on their hands. So, it can be totally your choice; whatever you want to have a tattoo of, choose it wisely.

Sun Tattoo Ideas

When you need a sun tattoo, there are many different ones that you can get with some variations. Choose the one that holds importance for you. You can get sun and add a moon to it; this would reflect on the idea of balance and can be a cool thing to get tattooed. Alternatively, you can even opt for a traditional-style sun or get it colored with brilliant strokes. You can get it anywhere on your body; it can be on the collarbone, waist, arm or thighs, or anywhere else that you want.

Different Types Of Sun Tattoos

If you are looking for creative inspiration for your design, you can read to get your perfect inspiration.

The sun tattoos are quite simple, and getting them tattooed shouldn’t be too difficult. The artists can even get a 3D tattoo of the sun because that looks really stunning.Combination Of The Sun And The Moon

The sun and the moon placed together in a tattoo breed a rich symbolism – this defines a balance between two different things.

The balance can be between any two things; it can be a balance between death and life, bad and good omens, or even masculine and feminine energies. The best part of this tattoo is that it is visually appealing and also sets out a strong statement about the person who got it tattooed.

Blackwork sun tattoo

Unique Sunny Tattoo Designs

These simple, unique, and sunny tattoo designs are perfect ideas for your first tat or to add to your growing collection.

1. Simple Sun Design

2. Small Ankle Idea

3. Sun Arch Tattoo Idea

4. Tiny Chest Tattoo

Unique Sun Tattoo Ideas

5. Cool Sun Design

6. Fine Line Tattoo

7.Sun with Face Idea

Tiny Sun Tattoo

While the huge designs certainly catch the eye in a breathtaking swoop. The tiny pieces radiate their own elegance. Getting a tiny sun tattoo on your body can be a good idea, and you can get it anywhere; you do not have to worry about the placement at all. It would be a private tattoo that you can uncover if you want, or hide if you wish. For a first tattoo, a tiny sun tattoo can be the best thing to have.

Yin Yang Tattoo Of The Sun And The Moon

This design takes the symbolism from ancient Chinese philosophy and keeps its focus on 2 significant concepts.

This symbol symbolizes that the moon and the sun tend to work in harmony because they are two contrasting forces, and hence, they achieve the perfect balance together.

Here, the sun signifies new beginnings and also the concept of rebirth.

The moon has great significance, too, and it symbolizes the past. So, if you are all about the future, this is an amazing opportunity for you.

Sun, Moon, And A Star Tattoo

The sun, moon, and stars on your body can be a perfect sort of symbolism. The sun, stars, and moon combined make up a lot of meaning, but the most powerful meaning is “family.” The sun represents the male, the moon represents the female, and the stars symbolize the children. It is a perfect way to celebrate your bond with your family. You can honor the love between your family and get it as a part of you.

One other meaning of this sign is the balance between the night and the day.

Rising Sun Tattoos

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas

8. Modern Rising Sun Design

9. Thin Line Sun Design

10. Risings over Water

11. Matching Rising Sun Ideas

Rising Sun Tattoo Images

12. Rising Sun Quote

13. Sun Rays

14. Rising in the Clouds

15. Sun and Waves

The sun will rise tattoo designs

A Simple Sun Tattoo

A simple tattoo is perfect for a woman who is laid back and has a chill personality. Instead of messing up her life with complications, she chooses to take everything in a simple and easy way. This does not require any added shading or outlines in this; the simplicity of this tattoo makes a statement in itself.

If you are laid back or low on budget, this can be the perfect tattoo to opt for because a tattoo as straightforward as this usually costs less. Even a tattoo quote of you are my sunshine, would be a great option!

16. One in each hand

17. Tiny Tattoo Ideas

18. Middle of the Back Moon and Sun

19. Sun and Moon Combo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

20. Matching Best Friend Tattoos

21. Forearm Tattoo Ideas

22. Rising Sun, Setting moon

23.  Simple matching sun and moon

Small Sun And Moon Tattoo Ideas

Choose your favorite sun tattoo ideas and get it inked on your body. It can look elegant and help uplift your personality in a positive way.

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