Inside: Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas + Designs.

Looking for a little luck? These horseshoe tattoo ideas are not only a little bit of luck attached to your body, but they are beautiful and elegantly designed. From flowery frames, small and charming, to unique and bold, these ideas are one of a kind.

Find out what a horseshoe tattoo symbolizes and its powerful meaning below!

Horseshoe Tattoo

What Does a Horseshoe Tattoo Mean?

The horseshoe a striking symbol that has a variety of meanings. The primary symbol is that of luck.  Lucky horseshoes are a common theme with these unique tattoos. Other common means are wealth, success, happiness and peace.  Or, it can simply say “I’m country”.  A horseshoe design is gender neutral and can be just as masculine as it is feminine. Moreover, they typically get integrated with other designs that also follow similar meanings..

What Does a Horseshoe Wrist Tattoo Mean?

A tattoo on your wrist that incorporates a horseshoe generally symbolize good luck, success, and wealth. Aside from chance, this tattoo also means happiness. I love the idea of having this design on your wrist, keeping that luck as close to you as possible for everyone to see. You can do a sweet and small design for a charming look.

Cool Horseshoe Tattoos

Looking for a cool and unique design? These ideas are classic, beautiful and tastefully designed to create the perfect lucky look. I love how versatile you can make a horseshoe look. Cowgirls aren’t the only ones with this ink.

1. Small Thigh Idea

2. Flower Horseshoe Outline

3. Back Bicep Tattoo

4. Simple Horseshoe

Cool Horseshoe Tattoos

5. New School Horseshoe

6. Colorful Flower Tattoo

7. Horseshoe and Flower Tattoo

8. Tough Luck

9. Black Rose

Horseshoe Tattoo Sleeve Ideas Photos

Horseshoe Tattoo Designs

Simple and charming these traditional designs are a fun way to add a little something to a sleeve or to keep luck by your side always.

10. 3D Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo

11. Horseshoe Infinity Design

12. Lucky Big Toe Tattoo

Small Horseshoe Ink Designs

13. Unique Chin Tattoo

14. Sparkle and Shine

15. Yellow Rose

16. Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo

Small Tattoo pictures of horseshoes

Unique Design Ideas

If you love a more unique and one-of-a-kind look then these designs are perfect for you. They are bold, vibrant, fun, and personal to their owners and provide great inspiration for your next tat.

17. Portrait Design

18. Ocean View

19. Colorful + Bold

Horseshoe and flower Tattoo

20. Good Luck Design

21. Horseshoes and Pistols

22. Horseshoe Dreamcatcher Tattoo

23. Blue Horseshoe Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Horseshoe Tattoos Ideas

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