Ghost Tattoo Ideas

27 Ghost Tattoo Ideas {Cute + Spooky Designs}

Inside: 27 Ghost Tattoo Ideas {Cute + Spooky Designs}. Nothing shows your dedication to Halloween quite like getting a tattoo to commemorate the holiday. Luckily, if you’re not into scary or gory body art, or designs seemingly possessed by pumpkins, consider getting a ghost tattoo instead. Often associated with All Hallow’s Eve (but not exclusively so, meaning it […] Read more…


Should I Get Female Neck Tattoos? {We Say YES!}

Inside: Should I Get a Neck Tattoo? {Female Neck Tattoos}. Neck tattoos for women come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and color options. That’s why we love them! While a neck is a relatively small area compared to other parts of the body, it still allows you to go for elaborate designs as well as […] Read more…

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