Creative Tattoos

Handwriting Tattoo

61 Touching Handwriting Tattoos For Meaningful Ink

Inside: The sweetest handwriting tattoos ideas to honor the ones you love. Tattoos contain multitudes. They can mean nothing at all and everything at once. It really just depends on the person getting them and the meaning that they personally assign to them. I don’t think that every tattoo should have to hold meaning by […] Read more…

Record Player Tattoo

61 Rockin’ Record Player Tattoo Ideas

Inside: The coolest record player tattoos for music lovers. Do you love music? Actually, that is a silly question; of course you do! Anyone who doesn’t like music cannot be trusted. Music has always been a large part of my life. I tend to listen to at least 30 minutes a day! It helps me […] Read more…

Origami Bird Tattoo with Detailed Feathers

100+ Origami Tattoo Ideas

Inside: Origami tattoo ideas that will get you folding for more tattoos. Origami is a Japanese form of art where you fold the paper in specific ways to make it look like cool things like birds, boats, butterflies, and more. I remember trying to learn origami when I was younger and let me tell you… […] Read more…

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