Creative Tattoos

Umbrella Tattoos

73+ Umbrella Tattoo Ideas for Women

Inside: Umbrella tattoo ideas to brighten up any rainy day. Umbrellas don’t get enough recognition. They keep us safe and protected, are convenient to use, and are always there for us. They have been for centuries! I say it’s time to pay homage to our protective accessories, by getting a tattoo. Who’s with me? No, […] Read more…

Be Kind Tattoos

27 Be Kind Quote Tattoo Designs

Inside: Sweetly written be kind quote tattoos to remind you daily. Tattoos are a wonderful form of self-expression. They can be used to proudly display your favorite things; such as family, flowers, animals, quotes, and many more. They can also be used as a way to remind yourself of qualities that you wish to always […] Read more…

Cassette Tape Tattoo

1980’s Cassette Tape Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 1980’s Cassette Tape Tattoo Ideas + Designs Believe it or not, at age 8 I would listen to the one and only Run D.M.C on cassette over and over and over and over again. Yes I know, seems odd but it was my jam, and to be honest, I still listen to Run D.M.C […] Read more…

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs + Ideas

Inside: Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs + Ideas So, you’re thinking about getting a Marilyn Monroe tattoo, are you? Well, you are not alone in thinking that it is a very cool tattoo design to get. What you might be surprised to find out is that there are multiple reasons why people do decide to get […] Read more…

Chef Tattoos

57 Mouth Watering Chef Tattoos + Designs

Inside: 57 Mouth-Watering Chef Tattoos + Designs . Enter any professional kitchen and you will see plenty of tattoos on display. Why is this? Foodies can take their love of edible comforts to a whole new level. Chefs are keen on fine details, beautiful works of art, and meaningful connections. After all, what is more, personal […] Read more…

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