Inside: Soundwave Tattoo + How They Work.

What is a Soundwave Tattoo?

Soundwave tattoos are tattoo designs created from audio clips. The tattoos can be scanned and played back via a smartphone app which translates the tattoo’s wavelengths into sound. The process was pioneered by an augmented reality app Soundwaves Tattoo developed by Lazar Mihai in 2017.

Soundwave Tattoo Definition

How does a Soundwave Tattoo work?

It’s really very simple: Upload a song snippet or sound to the Skin Motion website. Skin Motion then generates a Soundwave template that can be taken to a certified Skin Motion artist. Astonishingly, up to a minute of audio can be “recorded” in this way.

Do sound wave tattoos really work?

That’s not actually how it works, despite what some people seem to believe. Which is to say, the scanning app isn’t translating physical features into audio in the way that the needle in the groove of a record is. Instead, what happens is you upload the audio yourself to the Skin Motion app’s cloud

How do I make a soundwave image?

How to create soundwave art – the basic steps
  1. Open your audio recording software and record a short message.
  2. Take a screenshot of your recorded waveform.
  3. Import the screenshot into Google Docs.
  4. Optional: edit the image.
  5. Print and assemble artwork!

How do I convert voicemail to sound waves?

One of the quickest is to save the voicemail to your desktop. You can do this from most smartphones by emailing the voicemail to yourself, then saving it to your computer. You will then be able to upload the voicemail to our software to create your Soundwave.

Soundwave Tattoo Ideas

Soundwave Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration photos

1. Simple Lines

2. Small Wrist Design

3. Long Forearm Tattoo

4. Soft and Simple

5. Large and Detailed

Let us know in the comments what you would make into a soundwave tattoo! The possibilities are endless.

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