Inside: Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs + Ideas

So, you’re thinking about getting a Marilyn Monroe tattoo, are you? Well, you are not alone in thinking that it is a very cool tattoo design to get. What you might be surprised to find out is that there are multiple reasons why people do decide to get this tattoo.

It is easily one of the most popular celebrity portrait tattoos in the world, but the design can mean one thing to one person, while it means something completely different to others.

Check out our favorite Marilyn Monroe tattoo designs and the very cool meaning behind some of them.

Simple Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Meaning of a Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

The iconic actress, Marilyn Monroe, is a figure of body acceptance, free-spirited women, and a face of sunshine in the dark alleys of Hollywood. In a way, the Marilyn Monroe tattoo means freedom more than some of the more popular freedom tattoos because the actress seemed to do what she wanted when she wanted. That’s the outlook that many others share and it’s a good enough reason to get the Marilyn Monroe tattoo in many cases.

Marilyn Monroe is used as a symbol of femininity and finding comfort within that femininity. While many tattoos of beautiful women are meant to be men’s tattoos, that is certainly not the case with the Marilyn Monroe tattoo. In fact, it seems like far more women get this tat than men since there are far more feminine meanings that come along with it.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Tattoos?

No, she did not. From our research, we could not find that Marilyn herself possessed any body ink.

We have noticed that there are a lot of tattoos that design Marilyn Monroe with tons of tattoos and body art, giving her a modern look.

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Ideas

Monroe has become a symbol of sexual norms in the mid-nineteenth century as well which leads to a focus on the aesthetics of her blonde hair and soft-spoken tone. When these specific reasons are given for getting the Marilyn Monroe tattoo, it becomes far more of a unisex tattoos than a female tat. Men and women alike see Marilyn Monroe as one of the sexiness celebrities of all-time and they want that sexiness on their own bodies.

1. Simple Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Outline

2. Realistic Portrait Style Tattoo of Marilyn Monroe

3. Single Line Marilyn Monroe Design with Red Lips

4. Unique Marilyn Monroe Portrait with Tattoos

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Ideas

5. Just a Tattoo of Marilyns Facial Features

6. Geometric Marilyn Monroe Art Design

7. Classic Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Portrait

8. Laughing Marilyn Monroe Design

Marilyn Monroe Quote Tattoos

These inspiring and famous Marilyn Monroe quote tattoos are perfect for any Marilyn lover out there who is inspired by her voice and inspiration.

9. Famous Quote with Red Lip Tattoo

10. Black and White Scripted Font Tattoo

11. Long Quote on Side of Ribcage

Marilyn Monroe Quote Tattoos

12. Down the Spine Tattoo Idea

13. Fancy Scripted Font Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Tattoo Designs

She is an image of beauty, charm, and sex appeal in the 1950s, a classic look that has carried through until today. Many people who get the Marilyn Monroe tattoo want that constant reminder of what was back during the middle of last century. It always took a special talent for a woman to break through in the male-dominated Hollywood and Marilyn Monroe seemed to know exactly what she needed to do without crossing any lines. Many women want to channel those “powers” in their everyday lives so they can also break through those barriers.

14. Pop Art Inspired Marilyn Tattoo Idea

15. Black Dotwork Pin Up Tattoo Design

16. Marilyn Monroe Smoking Tattoo Art

17. Bubble Gum Blowing Marilyn Tattoo 

18. Black and White Marilyn Pin Up Design

Pin Up Tattoo Ideas

19. Pin Up Marilyn Monroe with Roses Tattoo

20. Watercolor Inspired Marilyn Portrait

21. Classic Shaded Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Design

22. 3D Inspired Marilyn Portrait

23 Pin Up Tattoo of Marilyn Monroe

More Tattoo Inspiration Just For You

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Marilyn Monroe Tattoo