Inside: Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs + Ideas

If you’ve been seriously contemplating a Marilyn Monroe tattoo, we have some designs that will inspire you to get off the fence and make it happen!

It’s not a huge secret that Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic women in history. Naturally, people gravitate towards her portrait for tattoos and other works of art. Her beauty and grace are inspiring to many women and girls.

Have a look at some of our favorite Marilyn Monroe tattoo designs, along with the utterly fascinating meanings that lie behind some of them.

Simple Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Meaning of a Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous actresses in history, is revered as a symbol of body acceptance, free-spirited women, and a shining beacon of light in the shadowy backstreets of Hollywood. Because the starlet appeared to do whatever she wanted when she wished, the Marilyn Monroe tattoo is said to symbolize freedom more than other of the more popular independence tattoos.

Marilyn Monroe is frequently invoked as a metaphor for womanhood and the search for peace for being a woman. The Marilyn Monroe tattoo is not designed for guys, as is the case with many other tattoos depicting attractive women. However, this isn’t the case with the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. In actuality, it appears that a great deal more ladies than men get this tattoo due to the fact that it is associated with a great deal more feminine implications.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Tattoos?

No, Marilyn Monroe didn’t have any of her own tattoos. Back then, body ink on women wasn’t appreciated like it is today. Not that that would have stopped her if she had wanted a tattoo!

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos bearing Marilyn’s image are becoming increasingly widespread as a direct result of her status as a global sex icon for women. Her hair was a gorgeous shade of blonde, and she spoke in a soft tone. Have a look at these stunning ideas for tattoos that were motivated by her.

1. Simple Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Outline

2. Realistic Portrait Style Tattoo of Marilyn Monroe

3. Single Line Marilyn Monroe Design with Red Lips

4. Unique Marilyn Monroe Portrait with Tattoos

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Ideas

5. Just a Tattoo of Marilyns Facial Features

6. Geometric Marilyn Monroe Art Design

7. Classic Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Portrait

8. Laughing Marilyn Monroe Design

Marilyn Monroe Quote Tattoos

These motivational and iconic Marilyn Monroe quote tattoos are the ideal choice for every Marilyn Monroe fan out there who is moved by her words and finds inspiration in her voice.

9. Famous Quote with Red Lip Tattoo

10. Black and White Scripted Font Tattoo

11. Long Quote on Side of Ribcage

Marilyn Monroe Quote Tattoos

12. Down the Spine Tattoo Idea

13. Fancy Scripted Font Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Tattoo Designs

During the 1950s, she was a symbol of sex appeal, elegance, and charisma, and her iconic style has remained timeless. Getting a Marilyn Monroe tattoo is a popular choice since it serves as a continual reminder of what life used to be like. She made herself well known in a world that was mostly dominated by men!

14. Pop Art Inspired Marilyn Tattoo Idea

15. Black Dotwork Pin Up Tattoo Design

16. Marilyn Monroe Smoking Tattoo Art

17. Bubble Gum Blowing Marilyn Tattoo 

18. Black and White Marilyn Pin Up Design

Pin Up Tattoo Ideas

19. Pin Up Marilyn Monroe with Roses Tattoo

20. Watercolor Inspired Marilyn Portrait

21. Classic Shaded Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Design

22. 3D Inspired Marilyn Portrait

23 Pin Up Tattoo of Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe Tattoo