Inside: Simple Water Lily Tattoo Designs + Ideas.

When it comes to adding art to your body, choosing a tattoo can be a daunting task. The pool of options is a vast sea that you can pull from, and in that sea, one of the most consistently timeless choices remains; Flower Tattoos! Flower tattoos are a wonderful way to honor nature while also paying homage to your femininity.

Flowers are a go-to design for many women looking to get a tattoo, and for good reason.

Flowers are more than just something pretty to look at.

In fact, behind each flower lies powerful symbolic meanings that can add both depth and purpose to a tattoo. Although there are many flowers to choose from, today we are going to focus on…drum roll please…the Water Lily!

What does a water lily tattoo mean?

What is a Water Lily?

These are a part of a family of freshwater flowering plants that are native to many tropical parts of the world. Their scientific name, Nymphaeaceae, is a bit of a mouthful, so they are more commonly known as the Water Lily. The Water Lily gets between 3 to 6 inches tall and grows in a wide variety of colors including; pink, blue, red, white, purple, and even black. In the United States, Water Lilies Bloom between the months of May and September, each flower lasting 4 days until settling under the water to decompose.

What Does the Water Lily Flower Symbolize?

The Water Lily Symbolizes fertility, purity, celebration, rebirth, innocence, wellness, and peace.

Since this flower predominantly grows in water, it is correlated with the symbolic idea of birth, life, and death. It is truly the circle of life, in one flower. Not only this, but this plant actually purifies the water that it grows and thrives in, hence the symbol of purity.

This flower also has a spiritual significance in many cultures including the ancient Egyptians, who thought of the water lily as a symbol of unity. The Mayan Culture regarded this plant as a sacred flower. In fact, they’re also considered sacred in many religions of the world including as well, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

What Meaning Does a Water Lily Tattoo Have?

A Water Lily Tattoo can signify an overall sense of peace and love for yourself. It encapsulates innocence and a deep appreciation of wellness inside and out. This can also represent your ongoing spiritual journey and the trajectory of your life in accordance with your desires. It is a tattoo of transformation and balance.

Water Lily Tattoo Designs:

To start off, here are several varying types of Water Lily Tattoos for you to be able to get a feel for what your style is. Here are a few of our favorites that we hope you’ll love!

lily pond tattoo designs

1. Single Water Lily in Color

2. Water Lily in Black and White

3. Black and White Water Lily Sleeve

4. Realistic Pink Water Lily

5. Water Lily in Water

6. Vibrant Blue Water Lily with Butterfly

7. Gorgeous Black and White Lily

8. Pastel Purple Water Lily

9. Water Lily Bouquet with Butterflies

10. Classic and Simple Water Lily

11. Black and White Water Lily on Shoulder

Water Lily Pad Tattoos:

Like the look of the Lily flower with the accompanying Lily Pad that it’s also known for? Look at some of our favorite Lily Pad Tattoos!

12. Dainty Lily Pad in Black and White

13.Water Lily with Pad and Root System

14.Simple Lily Pad Addition to Black and White Sleeve

15. Abstract Lily Pad Line Work

16. Colorful Lily Pad with Frog

17.Black and White Simple Lily Pad with fish

18.Colorful Pink and Green Lily with Quote

Simple and Small Water Lily Tattoo Designs:

If you are searching for something small and simple, then take a peek at these!

Simple & small water lily tattoos

19. Dainty Water Lily on Ankle

20. Simple Line Water Lily with Dots

21.Tiny Water Lily on Shoulder

22. Clean Geometric Water Lily

23. Water Lily with Stem on Ankle

24.Small and Colorful Pink Water Lily

25. Simple Abstract Water Lily

26.Clean Water Lily in Red Ink

27. Quarter Sized Single Line Lily

28. Little Red Water Lily On Ankle

29. Water Lily with a Mandala Stem

30. Water Lily with Chandalier Style on Wrist

31. Red Water Lily with Yellow Center

Water lily and Rose Tattoos:

32. Realistic and Colorful Rose and Waterlily Tattoo

33. Black & White Rose and Water Lily

34. Beautiful Waterlily and Rose with Mandala

35. Realistic Black & White Rose and Water Lily

Water Lily with Other Flowers:

Water Lilies can look amazing when paired with other flowers as well! These are some of our favorite Water Lily Tattoos that Incorporate other flowers.

Black and white water lily tattoos

36. Water Lily with Daisys

37. Flower Trio: Aster, Water Lily & Narcissus

38. Vibrant Plumeria and Water Lily Tattoo

39. Water Lily and Calendula Bouquet

40. Black & White Mixed Flower Forearm Tattoo

41. Beautiful Flower Bundle with Simple Stems

42. Colorful Flower Trio with Bold Line Work

43.Intricate Daisy and Water Lily Bundle

44. Chrysantiums & Water Lilies with Clean Lines

45. Classic and Colorful Water Lily & Plumeria Flowers

Water Lily Tattoos that feature Animals:

Animals can help add even more personality and meaning to your tattoo. Below are some of the coolest Animal & Water Lily tattoos that we’ve seen!

Lily pad and turtle tattoos

46. Bold Water Lily & Goldfish Tattoo

47. Delicate Turtle and Lily Pad in Black & White

48.Elegant Elephant with Water Lilies

49. Realistic Black & White Water Lily with Tiger

50. Intense Medusa Head Tattoo with Snakes and Water Lilies

51. King Cobra Wrapped Around Water Lily

52.Water Lily and DragonFly Ankle Wrap Tattoo

53. Colorful Frog and Lily Pad on Leg 

54. Detailed Koi and Water Lily in Black & White

55. Water Lilies Surrounding a Pair of Koi Fish

56. Beautiful Realistic Cat and Lily Pad

57. Detailed Alligator with Water Lilies

58. Epic Dragon and Water Lily in Black & White

Classic Water Lily Tattoos:

Of course, you can never overlook the classics. The final examples below all incorporate a similar bold linework that is known in the tattoo world as being a part of the classic genre.

59. Classic and Detailed Water Lily

60. Adorable Goldfish and Lily Pad Tattoo

61. Bold Pink and Green Water Lily

62. Black & White Water Lily Surrounded by Wave

63. Grey Soft Japanese Water Lily Tattoo

64. Vibrant Pink and Purple Realistic Lily

65. Colorful Lilypad with LadyBug

66. Big Koi and Water Lily Shoulder Tattoo

67. Colorful Lily Top of Spine Tattoo

68.Pink and Green Water Lily with Thick Lines

69. Simple Matching Water Lily Forearm Tattoos

70. Vibrant Water Lily Back Tattoo

71.Black & White Lily Pad With Setting Sun

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