Inside: Leopard and Snow Leopard Tattoo Ideas + Meanings

Nothing demands respect quite like a big cat.

Of the varying different species, the Leopard is perhaps one of the most beautifully exquisite big cats on this planet. From their intense stare to the undeniable power they contain, this is an animal that is held with immense admiration by many. I mean, even their fir, with its abstract splattering of spots can be described in no other way than gorgeous.

Just this alone makes the Leopard a desirable tattoo, but did you know that beyond the physical attributes this cat also represents deeper symbolisms and meanings?

Now, it stands to be said that tattoos do not always need to have a deeper meaning.

If you just love the way a Leopard looks, then that’s more than a good enough reason to justify getting a Leopard tattoo, simple as that. With that being said though, understanding the symbolism and meanings behind what tattoo you’re getting can only stand to add to your appreciation for it.

So, let’s discuss what meanings can hide behind the Leopard!

What does a Leopard tattoo mean?

Leopard Tattoo Meaning

Spiritually, the Leopard is regarded as the symbol of absolute strength. Though they are actually the smallest of the Big Cats, they make up for it with their impressive strength and skill. In fact, of the Big Cat family, the Leopard is the only one known to be able to carry the deadweight of their prey and literally drag it up a tree. That is STRENGTH. You do not want to mess with a Leopard.

For similar reasons, the Leopard is also known to symbolize power and skills. When it comes to instincts nothing can beat the way that a Leopard can adapt and manipulate situations to work for their favor. Because of this, Leopards are also the symbol for cunningness and capability!

So if you’re someone who can relate to these attributes then perhaps a Leopard tattoo is meant for you! 

Below we’ve pulled together some of our favorite examples of varying Leopard tattoos. From Simple to small, to detailed and realistic, the choices below will help you find the kind of tattoo that speaks to your soul!

Leopard Tattoo Cost

When it comes to Leopard Tattoo Costs, many things come into play. Costs can vary from shop to shop depending on; Size, Detail, & Color.  Broadly these tattoos can truly be anywhere between $50-$1000, so talk to your tattoo artist for a better idea of what to expect.

Leopard Tattoo Design

Leopard Tattoo designs

These are a mix of many different kinds of Leopard design ideas to help showcase the uniqueness you can add to your Tattoo. Whether it includes flowers, jungle leaves, color, or simply be in black and white, the pure range that you can obtain with a Leopard tattoo is unfathomable! These are some of our favorites we hope you’ll love!

1. Leopard in Black & White with Dainty Lines

2. Realistic Leopard in Color

3. Woman and Leopard Roaring

4. Beautiful Leopard with Flowers

5. Leopard in the Jungle

6. Simple Leopard Design

7. Black & White Leopard with Monstera Leaves

8. Leopard in Full Color

9. Black & White Leopard on the Hunt

10. Leopard on Inner Arm

11. Abstract Leopard in Grey

12. Awesome Leopard Tattoo with White Highlights

13. Fierce Leopard Tattoo

14. Elegant Leopard Tattoo in Black & White

15. Black & White Intense Leopard Tattoo

Snow Leopard Tattoo

Snow Leopards hold similar meanings as the ones mentioned above. It is said that those who choose to be sober may be drawn to this kind of tattoo as it speaks to adaptability and personal strength! How awesome is that? Below are some great examples of Snow Leopard Tattoos.

16. Classic Snow Leopard with Bold Lines

17. Abstract Snow Leopard

18. Snow Leopard with Blue Eyes

19. Snow Leopard with Blue Rose

20. Black and White Snow Leopard

21. Realistic Blue Snow Leopard

22. Snow Leopard with Purple Flowers

23. Blue Butterflies with Snow Leopard

24. Cartoon Snow Leopard in Blue

25. Rainbow Snow Leopard Tattoo

Small Leopard Tattoos

black jungle cat tattoos

Are small tattoos more your style? Then we chose these with you in mind! The designs below are simple, small, and perfect for anyone adding to their collection!

26. Simple & Small Leopard Tattoo

27.Small Leopard Forearm Tattoo

28. Realistic Leopard Tattoo on Ankle

29. Tiny Abstract Leopard on Wrist

30. Sleeping Leopard with Red Jungle Leaves

31.Clean Leopard Tattoo

32. Abstract Leopard Shoulder Tattoo

33. Leopard Thigh Tattoo

34. Leopard Head Roaring

35. Leopard with Heart Spots on Back of Neck

Leopard Print Tattoo

You don’t need to have an exact portrait of the animal in order to hold the symbolic meaning. The Leopard print itself represents them just the same. If you love the look of Leopard print by itself then take a look at the tattoos we’ve included below!

Leopard Print Tattoos

36. Leopard Print in Shapes

37. Leopard Print on Calf

38. Crisp & Simple

39. Colored Leopard Pring in Heart

40. Leopard Print Incorporated into Sleeve

41. Simple Leopard Print on Wrist

42. Leopard Print Covering Whole Hand

43. Mother Daughter Matching Set

44. Red Ankle Wrap

45. Leopard Print Background

46. Leopard Print Ghost

47. Dainty Leopard Print Hand Tattoo

48. Leopard Print Scalp Tattoo

49. Leopard Print Snake Tattoo

50. Leopard Print Heart Set

Leopard Face Tattoos

These are some great examples of Leopard face tattoos in different forms! From tattoos actually on your face, to a Leopard face itself. We’ve got you!

51. Red and Black Leopard Print

52. Beautiful Scalp Portrait

53.Face of Leopard Chest Tattoo

Leopard Tattoo

Black Leopard Tattoos

Black Leopards, more commonly known as Black Panthers, are Leopards that didn’t get the spotted fir genes and instead have a fierce black coat! Below are some examples of these beautiful creatures in ink form.

54. Black Leopard with Heart Spots

55. Realistic Black Leopard with Colored Eyes

56. Black Leopard Chest Tattoo

57. Black Leopard with Green Eyes

58. Black Leopard in Picture Frame

59. Black Leopard on the Hunt

60. Black Leopard with Jungle Leaves

61. Black Leopard with Thick Linework

62. Cartoon Black Leopard

63. Deep Vibrant Black Panther Tattoo

64. Detailed Cartoon Black Leopard

65. Realistic Black Panther

66. Black Leopard with 6 Eyes

67. Dark Leopard Portrait

We hope you loved these examples of Leopard Tattoos as well as have a better understanding of the deeper meaning behind them. Take a look at the links below to check out some more animal tattoo ideas!

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