Inside: Tasty Margarita Tattoo Ideas

Everyone loves a good time, this is a fact. Whether that be a vacation, a party, or even just a fun little game night, everyone wants to have fun…not just girls believe it or not. Get it…like the song…girls just want to have fun? Okay jokes aside, this is the truth! And what is perhaps always at the forefront of these good times? Drinks! Cocktails!

They bring people together and get the party started. Now there is one drink, in particular, that is basically synonymous with a good time….and that ladies and gentlemen, is the Margarita!

Now this classic drink is definitely the catalyst to many great nights, and a creator of fun memories(as long as you only have 1 or 2…otherwise you may not remember much), so what better drink to turn into a tattoo! It’s got a pretty definitive look with its staple margarita glass and salted rim.

So no one will have to question what kind of drink it is. It’s truly perfect!

If you’re contemplating getting this tattoo, perhaps you’d like to learn a bit about its origin story.

Tasty Margarita Tattoo Ideas

The History of the Margarita

The margarita was invented in the year 1942 by a wonderful Mexican(now Mexican American) man by the name of Francisco Morales. An epic name for the creator of an epic drink. It was named after a flower, although it was an ongoing joke that it was actually named after his wife.

Morales has recounted exactly how this drink came to be; It was created on the fourth of July to be specific. He was a bartender, and a woman came up to the bar and ordered a Magnolia. It stands to be said, that much like cooks or artists, bartenders have way too much pride to admit they don’t know how to make something, so he got to work. He had a broad idea of what a Magnolia was, in that it contained Cointreau, lime, and some kind of alcohol. In order to spare his ego, he opted for tequila. The woman noted that it wasn’t a magnolia but it was darn good.

To which Morales replied, ‘Oh, I thought you said, Margarita’. And that is how this amazing drink was born.

I’m sure Francisco Morales would have never thought that years down the line, the drink would be so widely known and iconic that it would literally be printed on people’s bodies…permanently. But alas, so is life. Unexplainable and unexpected. I thought this story was too funny not to share. It’s pure gold!

Margarita Tattoos

Now, I’m sure that your appreciation for this drink has probably tripled after learning how it was born. So that makes this next part even more exciting. I’ve compiled a list of the coolest and cutest margarita tattoos the internet has to offer. These range from simple, to downright detailed and colorful, so there is absolutely something for everyone reading this.

Go ahead and take a look through them to get a good feel for your specific style and what exactly it is you may be looking for in your own Margarita Tattoo. Once you get it, you’ll be able to use its origin story as the perfect ice breaker for any future parties or meet cute’s you may be a part of, because you know that ones a crowd pleaser!

Margarita Tattoo

Margarita Glass Tattoo

These are some great examples of a classic Margarita Glass Tattoo. I’ve included different styles, from old school to new school for you to explore. Go on!

1. Old School Margarita Tattoo

2. Lime Margarita

3. Cup of Sunshine

4. Margarita Glass Outline

5. Margarita with Skull Ice Cube

6. Little Turtle Margarita

7. Lovely Margarita

8. Black & White Margarita

9. Watermelon Marg

10. Small Lime Margarita

11. New School Margarita Tattoo

12. Classic Marg in Cacti Glass

13. Tiny Margarita Outline

Margarita Tattoo Ideas

Margarita Glass Tattoos

14. Cute Colored Margarita

15. Simple Outline

16. Anime Margarita

17. Im Fine in Color

18.Dino Drinking a Marg

19. Margarita and Shaker

20. Mandala Margarita

21. Tall Margarita

22. Margarita Recipe

23. Little Margarita on wrist

24. Watercolor Margarita

25. Melting Margarita

26. Mermaid Margarita

27. Angry Margarita!

And there you have it! 27 Margarita Tattoo Ideas that will leave you calling your local tattoo shop to book an appointment, and I don’t blame you! I’m probably about to do the same myself. I hope you loved learning about this amazing drink and how it came to be, as well as having a better understanding of what kind of tattoo styles are for you and which aren’t. Until next time!

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