Inside: Jelly bean tattoo ideas that are so sweet they’ll give you cavities.

If there is one candy that I think is severely underrated, it is the jelly bean. They’ve been around for decades, and the quality has only gotten better. They are cute, colorful, and there are just so many different flavors!

If you are one of the few out there who deem this candy as their favorite, I want to give you a virtual high five! I also want to show you some of my favorite jelly bean tattoo ideas that I know you are going to love. I mean, how could you not?

After all, they are jelly beans!

Sweet Jelly Bean Tattoo Ideas To Make You Smile. Candy Themed Sleeve Idea.

So take a look at this list and see which ones you might want to get as a tattoo. If you have a specific flavor in mind, don’t worry. You can always personalize your design to fit whatever makes your happiest.

How Much Will a Jelly Bean Tattoo Cost?

You are in luck because jelly bean tattoos are likely to be one of the cheaper tattoos that you can get, as long as you get it the size of an actual jelly bean. If you are going for a jelly bean the size of your hand, I cannot make any promises.

This is because most tattoo artists will charge you based on the hour. So if it takes more time, it costs more money. Of course, if you are getting a tiny jelly bean that is extremely detailed, it may cost more. The best way to get an actual estimate is to sit down with the parlor and see their rates.

They will ask you what it is you want, and you will show them your ideas and tell them your budget. They aren’t car salesmen; they won’t swindle you. Once you do this, they will be able to tell you how much it will cost. Remember to factor in enough for a tip!

How Badly Will It Hurt?

This question depends on a few things. First of all, if you are sensitive to pain. Because If you are, I recommend bringing a numbing cream or spray to help alleviate any discomfort you may feel. The good thing is, is that most of these kinds of tattoos are small, so they will automatically hurt less.

To avoid the most pain, try getting the tattoo in a spot that isn’t very boney. In the boney areas of your body, like your ribs and your hands, you have more nerve endings, which make the tattoos hurt more when you are getting them. But if you work with these two tips, then I think you will be just fine.

3 Images: Jar of beans. Funny bean person. Heart full of jelly beans.

Jelly Bean Tattoos

First up, I wanted to show you just how many different ways you can style a jelly bean. You may be surprised, but there are so many different directions to take this! So take a look below to see which ones fit your style. Personally, I’m a buttered popcorn gal myself. I know, everything thinks I’m weird, but they are the best!

1. Jelly Beans In Rainbow

2. Jar of Jelly Beans

3. Heart Full of Beans

4. Funny Jelly Bean Person

5. Jelly Belly Ink with Fox

6. Jelly Bean at End of Rainbow

7.  Cute Heart Filled with Candy

8. Sweet Spotted Jelly Belly

9. 2 Jelly Beans

10. Jelly Belly Filler Ideas

11. Jelly Belly Candy Mix

12. Red Jelly Belly Idea

Colorful Jelly Belly Designs

Jelly beans are colorful; it’s their thing. If you get a jelly bean tattoo in black and white, it ends up looking like a plain bean, and who wants that? No one! Take a look below to see some seriously colorful jelly bean designs. I just love these!

13. Easter Jelly Bean

14. Jelly Bean Bag

15. Dog with Jelly Beans

16. Cute Nickname Idea

17. Cow Jelly Bean Idea

18. Colorful Handful of Beans

19. Gun with Tattooed Jelly Beans

20. Several Kinds of Jelly Beans

21. Little Blue Bean Idea

22. Pink Little Bean

23. Jelly Bean Seed

24. Jelly Bean Butterfly

3 different jelly bean designs with bright colors.

Jelly Bean Tattoo Ideas to Make You Smile

Lastly, I wanted to share some jelly bean tattoo ideas that will make you smile! These all bring something unique and lovely to the table, so I know you are going to love them.

25. 3 Different Jelly Beans – If you are going to get a jelly bean design, I think you should pick your top 3 at least. This way you have a good variety, and people will know exactly what you were going for.

26. Funny New School Jelly Bean Idea – You can give your jelly bean tattoo a life of it’s own by doing it new school style. New school not only thrives with it’s vibrant colors, but they look really clean too. Take a look.

27. Small Jelly Bellies – You can never go wrong with small jelly beans. I have found that my favorite tattoos are the ones that resemble the real deal. In order to do that, they have to be life-sized.

28. Dragon Covering Jelly Beans – I think this is such a cute design. They show a dragon in its layer, covering its treasure. A treasure that is jelly beans! How cute can one tattoo be?

29. Scattered Jelly Beans – I love when people get creative with their tattoo filler ideas. Jelly beans make for a great colorful filler.

30. What’s the Magic Number – This idea is a call back to a famous party game: Guess the number of jelly beans! Now this person can have everyone they meet guess it. What a way to make it portable.

31. Purple Jelly Bean Idea – If purple is your favorite flavor of a jelly bean, then this is the idea that was meant for you. As I said, I love the popcorn flavor. So mine is a white jelly belly with yellow flecks. Love it!

32. Jelly Beans Leg Filler – If you are looking for more ways to make your other tattoos pop, add some jelly beans in there.

33. Cute Bundle of Beans – Here is a little bundle of beans that is sure to make you happy. I mean, how could it not?

34. Realistic Bean Design – Here, I have a realistic jelly bean tattoo design. What do you think? This is the kind of photo that you could bring to your tattoo artist as a reference.

35. Jelly Bean In Glass Ball – This one is more abstract, but I wanted to show it as an example of how out of the box your tattoo can be. The only important thing is that it looks good to you.

Jelly Bean Tattoo Idea

I know what you may be thinking, “I had no idea jelly bean tattoos could be so cool!” I have one thing to say about this…I know, right? I would have never in a million years thought that jelly beans could be cool tattoos, but they have seriously proved me wrong today.

If you loved these ideas, you might have to check out some of my other food tattoo ideas. I’m a tattoo addict and a foodie, so of course, I have more to share with you! Just check this out to get started.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, jelly beans are the most underrated candy. You can always depend on them to be a great treat, and they are one of the few candies that are associated with easter. I am a big sucker for anything that has to do with a holiday!