Inside: Coolest soccer tattoos for real sports fans.

Soccer was the first sport that I ever wanted to play. I remember envisioning myself scoring my first goal, and the crowd going wild. Though I actually never got to play, soccer still has such a big spot in my heart. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if there is another sport that can top soccer, for me anyways.

So I wanted to express my love for this sport through the only way that I know how: finding tattoo ideas! I have found some of the most epic soccer tattoos that only real fans will appreciate.

Epic Soccer tattoo for real fans. Cool soccer tattoo example.

If you are interested in adding a soccer tattoo to your collection, then you have to check out the list below. It is full of so many great ones, you are not going to regret it. But before we get into that, let’s cover the logistics.

How Much Will It Cost?

This is the first question I answer because it is the first question anyone asks me when I talk about tattoos. It is common knowledge that tattoos are expensive, but they have good reason to be. Plus, this is going to be something that you have on your body forever; it’s good that they are spendy.

This way, you really have to think about what it is that you want and why before you get a tattoo. I cannot give you a close estimate of your tattoo costs because it changes based on a whole slew of variables. If you want a large one or a small one, a detailed tattoo or a simple one, if you decide on color or just leave it in black and white.

All of these things go together to form your price, so I cannot tell you how much it will be without knowing. But I will say that the bigger your tattoo, the bigger your bill, so be on the lookout for that.

Will a Soccer Tattoo Hurt?

Yes, your soccer tattoo will be painful. But the good news is that tattoos are not really as bad as everyone makes them seem. I think the best way that I could describe it is like someone drawing on you with a bee. I know that still sounds unpleasant, but it’s the best explanation I have if this is going to be your first tattoo; yay!

Welcome to the wonderful world of tattoos; I promise this won’t be your last. If you are worried about the pain, you can get yourself some numbing spray and bring it to the appointment.

This stuff seriously saves the day. But I recommend feeling the full effect of the tattoo before you add it. This way, you can actually feel a difference.

Soccer tattoo ideas. All 3 example in black and white.

Soccer Tattoos

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you like soccer enough to get the tattoo. There, I said it. Now you no longer can debate if you should or shouldn’t get your tattoo! So call up those tattoo artists because it’s time to book.

1. Abstract Soccer Ball Tattoo – I love abstract tattoos, and it is for this reason alone that I am kicking off this list with an example of one. Plus, it helps that it was the first tattoo I found.

2. Adidas Soccer Ball Design – This is a super cute Adidas soccer ball design. Take a look and see if you like it.

3. Realistic Soccer Dad and Kid – I think this is a super sweet and detailed tattoo that any long-time soccer lover will swoon over.

4. Soccer Playing Silhouettes – The silhouettes of players are one of my favorite ways to see a sport represented. It feels like a distant memory on a warm summer’s day.

5. Soccer In Vivid Detailed – I love this example because it shows such an amazing amount of detail. I wish I knew the artist so I could clap them on the back for this. But the best I can do now is give them photo credit.

6. Kid Holding Soccer Ball – Here, I have a kid holding a soccer ball. I feel like this simple image represents everything good in life.

7. Hand Holding Soccer Ball with Wings – I love this because it is unique. You can truly never get enough unique designs. You just know this one meant something special to the person who owns it.

8. Winning Championship – Of course, I wanted to showcase a winning tattoo. This person won a championship. Isn’t this just wild?

9. Christian Ronaldo Tattoo – Christian Ronaldo is a household name when it comes to soccer, and I see why. He is talented. Pure talent.

10. Heart with Realistic Soccer Pattern – I think this one represents the large impact that soccer has had on this person’s heart. It’s funny because if you think about it, the sport has also had a physical impact on the heart, making it healthier.

11. Soccer World Cup Realistic – The world cup is such a huge deal in the soccer community, and I see why. It’s the biggest trophy you can get.

Cool Soccer Designs

Next, I have some super cool soccer designs that I know you are going to like, I have found that the best designs are the ones that you add your personality to, so see what you can do with these.

12. Dotted Soccerball

13. Soccer Player Mid Game

14. Goalie Mits

15. Realistic Man Kissing World Cup

16. Soccerball with Crown

17. Messi Tattoo Idea

18. Simple Outlined Man Kissing Trophy

19. Soccer Ball In Eye

20. Soccer Crown In B&W

Black and white soccer ball tattoos. One photo of cleat with wings.

Epic Soccer Tattoos for Real Fans

Lastly, I wanted to showcase some of the most epic soccer tattoos for real fans. These are beautiful from top to bottom, so good luck trying to pick between them!

21. Soccer Ball Heartbeat Idea – If your entire life is soccer, then you need this tattoo. It is not for the faint of heart, this sport. So good for you!

22. Simple Soccer Ball On Knee – I love it when people do that cool balancing act on their knees with a soccer ball. Like, where did you learn to do that?

23. Soccer Shoe with Wings – The symbol of a true winner right here. This tattoo is truly wonderful. Take a look at it.

24. Lionel Messi Tattoo Idea – Lionel Messi is another one of the household names that I know you know. But would you get him tattooed onto you? I think yes.

25. Soccer Player Mid Kick – If you are going to get a tattoo of the sport, it may as well be in action.

26. Watercolor Inspirational Tattoo – Watercolor is one of my all-time favorite styles of tattoo. They just don’t seem like tattoos, but I think that is part of the magic.

27. Soccer Team Patch Tattoo – I love the way that patch tattoos look. So hyper-realistic!

28. Soccerball Tattoo Idea – Here, I have a classic soccer ball tattoo idea.

29. B&W Soccer Ball with Gloves – This ball includes some gloves to go with it, which is very helpful for the goalie.

30. Detailed Passion Tattoo – You can just tell that the person who got this tattoo is more passionate than you could ever understand.

31. Mario Playing Soccer – Here is a fun tattoo to finish us off. This one is of Mario playing soccer, and it’s super cute.

Soccer tattoos

And there you have it, my all-time favorite soccer tattoos that only real fans will love. Even if you have never played, if you are passionate about it, you are a real fan of my book.

Check out some of my other epic tattoo ideas that will inspire you to set up more ink sessions in the nearby future. They are hard to resist, I will admit it. I have so much to share, but this is the best place to start.