Inside: Must-have cat tattoos you have to see if you’re a feline loving person.

I can safely say that I am a cat person. I started with one, Zelda, and quickly fell in love. One month later, we decided she needed a friend to play with, so we got cat number 2: Link. Now a few years have passed, and we have added one more kitten to the mix, Remi!

So I think I am qualified to speak on this subject when I say, us cat people…we’re crazy. Not in a bad way or anything; we are just crazy about our cats. And why shouldn’t we be? They are the sweetest(and sassiest) souls.

Aesthetic Cat tattoos cat people will love. Photo of simple cat tattoo that Is realistic.

There are so many different ways that people like to showcase that they are a cat person: Showing photos, always having cat fur on them, and, my personal favorite, getting cat tattoos! I have gathered up some of the most aesthetic cat tattoos that cat people are going to go crazy for. Take a look!

How Much Do Cat Tattoos Cost?

This is a question I thought I should answer before we get into the ideas; that way, you can pick a design that is in your price range. I wish I could tell you exactly how much each tattoo will cost, but the cost is decided by so many factors that it would be impossible for me to do so.

But I will say that you can count on small tattoos being anywhere from $50-$200, medium tattoos will be $200-400 and large tattoos could go all the way up to the thousands.

Tattooing is hard work, and on top of that, it’s the artwork. Your tattoo artist will be able to give you a proper estimate of your tattoo when you have your consultation. Since they will be going over all the details of what you want, they can help guide you to a price and a design that is within your budget.

How Much Will a Cat Tattoo Hurt?

Great question. I wanted to cover this for any newbie tattoo people out there who are worried. I will admit your tattoo is going to hurt, but it is going to be worth it. With tattoos, you can’t really avoid the pain or discomfort that you may feel, because it is the very nature in which you get a tattoo that is painful.

But if you are sensitive to pain, then I have a few tips on how you can minimize it when you go in.

  • Numbing Creams – Numbing creams are a very helpful tool when you are trying to avoid pain. You just lather it on the spot that you are going to get inked, and it will numb you up. You still may feel a little discomfort, but it’s barely anything compared to when you don’t have it.
  • Pick a Less Painful Area – Yep, there are less painful areas on your body. Anywhere that isn’t boney is going to be a safer bet. That is because there are nerve endings that are closer to the surface on the areas where the bones are near your skin. Think about your hands, ribs, etc.

Cat sleeves in rememberance

Cat Tattoos Ideas

First up, I wanted to give you a good idea of the many different ways that you can take this tattoo. Not only are there dozens of styles, but there are so many different ways to represent your cat as well. With that being said, remember that this will be a highly personal tattoo and if you like something below, you can always tweak it to match your cat.

1. Sweet Realistic Cat Idea

2. Cat Mid-Lick Idea

3. Maine coon Tattoo Idea

4. Quarter Sleeve with Flowers

5. Orange Cat Idea

6. Cute Cat Face Idea

7. Cat Curled Up Sleeping

8. Hyper Realistic Cat Idea

9. Cat with Bright Blue Eyes

10. White and Grey Cat Idea

11. Dark Grey Cat with Flowers

Adorable Cat Designs

It feels like an unnecessary statement, “adorable cat tattoos,” but the ones on this list are truly adorable. Get ready for Puss in Boots’ level of cuteness. You know, when he does his big doe-eyed thing? It gets me every time, and these are bound to get you, so prepare yourself!

12. Cute Cartoon Cat Ideas

13. Cat Mouth Simple Tattoos

14. Big Eyed Cat Idea

15. Cat Silhouette with Flowers

16. Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service

17. Cat on Pillow with Pizza

18. Abstract Little Cartoon Kitty

19. Dark Black Watercolor Tattoo

20. Cat Scratching Tattoo Idea

21. Little Black and White Cat Idea

Kitten Tattoo Ideas. 3 different kittens. One in a sun, another sitting, the last one is playing with yarn.

Kitten Tattoo Ideas

If cat tattoos weren’t cute enough, just wait until you see this list of KITTEN tattoos. Kittens just have that little extra factor that makes your brain release double the amount of serotonin. If you were thinking about getting a kitten after these tattoos, you just might have to.

22. Tiny Baby Kitten Tattoo

23. Kitten In Sun Idea

24. Kitten Playing with Yarn Idea

25. Sweet Little Kitten Idea

26. Cats Looking Out Window

27. Sleeping Little Kitten Idea

28. Kitten with Wings

29. Simple Cat Outlines with Baby Kitty

Aesthetic Cat Tattoos for Cat Lovers

And lastly, I have some of the most aesthetic cat tattoos for cat lovers. I know that there is this big rift between cat lovers and dog lovers, but can we all agree that animals, in general, are great?

Cats are just extra cute because they are small and fluffy. Dogs are amazing because they’re sweet and loyal. With that said, if you have been on the fence, the list below will turn you into a cat person. For this last one, I wanted to walk you through the different styles.

30. Cat Outline with Year – I think this design is sweet, plus it’s simple enough that you personalize it with ease. Just change your cat’s year!

31. Black and White Cats – For those of you out there that have more than one cat, I think you are going to love this style. It shows a black and white cat cuddling.

32. Hyper-Realistic Matching Cat Ideas – The hyper-realistic tattoos will cost you more since they will take longer to do, but it is so worth it.

33. Cute Abstract Cat Idea – Abstract is a lovely way to showcase your love of cats in a unique way.

34. 2 Cute Black and White Tattoos – I love matching tattoos, and I love cats even more.

35. 2 Cats Looking Outside – How cute is this? It shows her two cats looking out a window.

36. Wine Glass Cats – I think any wine people out there who also love cats are going to scream with this one.

37. Cat with Bib – Cats are our babies, you can’t change my mind!

Cat tattoos

This list made my heart so happy! I love cats so much, mine in particular. I’ve been thinking about getting a cat tattoo for quite some time now, and these ideas have finally sparked enough passion in me to do it!

I hope you loved these ideas and that they inspired you to create your own cat tattoo. There are so many ways to make this your own but remember that you can always have your tattoo artist help you with the design; they are the professionals, after all.

If you loved these animal tattoo ideas, then I have a gift for you: even MORE animal designs! I’m kind of an animal person if you couldn’t guess already, so of course, I have more animal tattoos and ideas! You can check them out here!