Inside: Submarine tattoo ideas that you are going to go cra-sea for.

Okay, we aren’t even a sentence into this article, and I have made two puns about the sea. I will not apologize; in fact, I am very proud. Today I am going to show you some of my all-time favorite submarine tattoo ideas for those of you who wanted to be a marine biologist as a kid like I did.

Out of all of the make-believe careers, I used to have my heart set on being a marine biologist. I know I know, this is a real job, but out of the kids who want to be marine biologists, who actually becomes one? A very small sliver.

So I am not fully convinced that it’s real.

Clever Submarine Tattoo Ideas You Need to Sea. Photo of simple circle tattoo.

But regardless, there is a vast ocean out there that needs to be explored. The only way to do that properly is by submarine! Surprisingly enough, there are only a handful of yellow submarines below, so if you are here as a Beatles fan, I have you covered. Before we get into that, though, I thought I should discuss some of the basics.

How Much Will A Submarine Tattoo Cost?

I think that it is very important to discuss money when we are talking about tattoos because tattoos are very expensive, or at least they can be. On average, the cost of a tattoo can vary from $50 to over $1000. So there is obviously some room for error in my ability to give you an accurate price estimate.

But I can tell you that you will expect to pay more the longer it takes your tattoo artist to complete. This is because most artists base their prices off of how long it takes them. So if your tattoo is large and time-consuming, it will also largely consume your money.

The only way to accurately get a guesstimate on how much your ink will cost you, you will need to talk to your artist. They know their abilities and how long it will take them to complete.

Will It Hurt?

Yes, your submarine tattoos are going to hurt. I am sad to say that there is really no way to fully avoid this. Pain is a big part of tattooing. In order to get a tattoo, you have to be drawn on with a needle that pokes you a thousand times a second, so of course, this is going to hurt.

If this is going to be your first tattoo, don’t let this sway your choice. Getting a tattoo is not as bad as it seems. The pain is very manageable, and many people actually enjoy it.

The release of your adrenaline hormones makes you feel really good right after getting your tattoo, so naturally, some people use it as therapy.

Submarine Tattoo Ideas. 3 Different styles. One colorful, 2 black and white.

Submarine Tattoo Ideas

First, I wanted to show you what you are up against here. Not only are these submarine tattoos cool, but there are so many different styles that you are going to want to choose from. I want you to pay close attention to which ones you like. This way, you can use this information at the end to find your perfect tattoo.

1. 2 Different Tattoos with Same Submarine – I loved this idea because it shows you the same submarine in two different scenarios. It’s a strong way to start off this list.

2. Shark Submarine Idea – This idea uses a shark to emphasize the power of a submarine. How cool is this? It’s a shark submarine! I’ll take three.

3. Octopus Eating a Submarine – If there’s one thing that goes hand in hand, it’s an octopus & a submarine. I guess that would be like hand in eight hands?

4. Realistic Submarine in B&W – If you were going for a realistic submarine look, then you should check out this example of a realistic submarine in black-and-white.

5. Abstract Submarine Idea – I love abstract tattoos for so many reasons, and this abstract submarine idea is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the following!

6. Yellow Submarine Idea – Do you really think I could make a list of submarine tattoo ideas not include a yellow submarine?

7. Diver with Submarine Idea – I wanted to make sure I included a submarine tattoo that also has a diver! This is for those of you that enjoy deep diving. You are braver than I.

8. Eternal Ship Idea – In this example, this submarine has the words eternal ship surrounding it, I just thought that was really beautiful.

9. Shark Biting a Submarine – This one might be my worst fear confirmed, but it’s so cool, so I had to include it. Take a look at this shark biting a submarine!

Unique Sub Designs

Next, I wanted to share with you some very unique submarine designs that I think you will enjoy. These are some great examples of how creative the human mind can be. If you are looking for tattoo ideas that are out of the box, I think this list has got you covered.

10. Submarine Whale Idea

11. Skull Marine with Submarine

12. Yellow Submarine with Red Accent

13. Dark Sunkin Submarine

14. Bear Driving a Submarine

15. Eternal Control Idea

16. Black Realistic Submarine Idea

17. Traditional Submarine Idea

18. Submarine Outline Idea

Clever Submarine Tattoo Ideas You Need to Sea. 3 Different photos. One traditional style and full of color, the other two in Black and White.

Clever Submarine Tattoo Designs

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some very clever submarine tattoo designs. These are things that I know you are going to love. So if you haven’t found anything that tickles your fancy yet(yes, I just said that), then fear not. I know below holds what you are looking for.

19. Beatles Themed Yellow Sub – Doesn’t this just make you wanna listen to the yellow submarine by the Beatles? Because that’s what it’s doing to me.

20. Simple Outlined Submarine Idea – If you are more interested in simple types of tattoos, this outline is the idea for you.

21. Hourglass Idea with Submarine Here, I have an hourglass with a submarine within the time slot. Check this out. It’s too cool not to.

22. Hilarious Submarine Idea I wanted to include some funny ones; I think you’ll love this one.

23. Sandwich Submarine idea – Get it, it’s a submarine. Like a sub sandwich?

24. Grey Circular Tattoo Idea – Here is a classic gray tattoo that features a submarine within a circle. I think adding a shape like this makes the whole piece feel very clean.

25. Little B&W Submarine – Here is a very tiny tattoo example for those of you wanting a small tattoo.

26. Octopus Wrapped Around Submarine – Here is another one of those fears that I talked about. It’s already scary enough to be that deep under the ocean. Don’t you think marine life should just leave you alone at that point?

27. Submarine in a Bottle – Too cute.

Clever Submarine Tattoo Ideas You Need to Sea. Photo of red octopus wrapped around submarine.

I am obsessed with this last list, and I hope you are too. Sometimes the best designs are the ones that we least expect. I had such a blast getting this list together, It is my wish to help all you tattoo lovers out there find your dream tattoos.

If you loved this list, why not check out some of my other aquatic-themed tattoo ideas? I have so many to choose from! As I said, I am a bit of a tattoo dork, so naturally, you are going to be well-stocked up on tattoo ideas. Think of me as your one-stop shop for creative inspiration!

So check these ideas out.