Inside: Adorable Loch Ness monster tattoo ideas to immortalize the hide and seek champ.

We have all heard stories about the Loch Ness monster as we were growing up: The mysterious and never caught water beast that roam the loch ness lake. It’s filled children with wonder for almost a century.

It’s such an interesting story that has reached many corners of the world (and people’s hearts) so naturally, there are plenty of Loch Ness monster tattoos to show for it.

Loch Ness monster Tattoo Ideas

If you are on the hunt for a Loch Ness monster tattoo, then you are in luck; I created an epic list of over 70 of the cutest and most unique Loch Ness monster tattoos the internet could muster up. But before we get into that, let’s go over a few important things.

The History of the Loch Ness Monster

The story of the Loch Ness monster(or Nessie as some call it) began all the way back in 1933 in the beautiful Scottish countryside. There was a lake, Loch Ness, that was said to be the home of a mysterious water creature with a long neck and a big body.

Evidence that proves its existence has been found but none that was ever a sure-fire explanation, and it’s still never been found to this day. Many people actually still believe the Loch Ness monster is real, and it is just a super great hider.

Many people have claimed to have spotted the creature over the years but it still hasn’t been confirmed for certain, so many Nessie lovers out there are still hanging onto the hope that she exists and that they will be able to prove it during our lifetime.

What Does The Tattoo Meaning?

If you are someone who has always believed in the Loch Ness monster, then that enough can be your meaning for getting it, but there are a few other themes that are super inspirational that I thought I’d include.

It is also a tattoo that will let other people know that you are a believer in the supernatural: things like Bigfoot, aliens, and other conspiracy theories fall under this symbol. It basically is saying, don’t believe everything you are told. There is more out there than you may ever expect.

Getting a Loch Ness monster tattoo can be symbolic of keeping your childlike wonder as you go through the world. To be able to keep your beliefs despite there being no proof and remaining hopeful in the face of adversity… is what this tattoo means.

So if you find this inspiring then keep on reading… for the best ideas.

Loch Ness Tattoo Cost

You may be wondering how much a Loch Ness tattoo will cost. I hate to tell you that I don’t have an exact number for you, seeing as that is highly dependent on what kind of tattoo you end up getting. The bigger they are, the most expensive.

The best and only way to get an exact estimation of what it will cost to book a consultation with your local tattoo artist(or whoever you are going to go to to get it done). Only then will you be able to know how much your specific tattoo will cost.

How Much Will It Hurt?

Getting a tattoo of the reigning hide and seek champion will hurt, this is unavoidable. What is avoidable though, is how badly it will hurt. There are certain places on the body that are more sensitive to others(i.e. any spot where the bones are closest to the skin, there are more nerves in these spots), and by avoiding them you can save yourself some pain.

One of my favorite places to get a tattoo is on my forearm.

Classic Nessie Tattoos

Now that we got all of that covered, we can get to the part that you are most excited about: the tattoo ideas!

This first list is full of classic Nessie, aka what everyone THINKS she looks like.

1. Black Silhouette of the Loch Ness Monster

2. Sweet Little Nessy

3. Simple Loch Ness Monster

4. Black and Red Monster

5. Black and White Cute Monster

6. Realistic Loch Ness Monster

7. Detailed Loch Ness

8. Light Blue Monster

9. Scary Loch Ness Monster

10. Loch Ness Monster Witch

11. Sharp-Toothed Monster

12. Matching Ankle Tattoos

13. Hide and Seek Champion

14.Loch Ness Monster and Aliens

15. Mystical Monster

Cute dragon from Loch Ness Tattoos

Cute Loch Ness monster Tattoos

16. Loch Ness monster Outline

17. Scottish Noodle Dragon

18. Simple and Sweet

19. Sweet Lock Ness Monster

20. Loch Ness Monster in the Lake

21. Traditional Piece

22. Black and White Tattoo

23. Detailed Black and White

24. Simple Outline

25. Loch Ness Behind the Ear

26. Simple Outline

27. Circle Landscape

28. Cute Outline

29. Outline of the Loch Ness Monster

30. Detailed Realistic Nessie

Black and white small Loch Ness monster Tattoo Outline

Colorful Loch Ness monster Tattoo Ideas

If you love color then you have to check out the list below. I made sure to include some of the most vibrant tattoos of the Loch Ness monster I could find, I love colored tattoos!

31. Colorful Loch Ness Monster

32. Cartoon New School Style

33. Best Hug in the World

34. Traditional Loch Ness Monster

35. New School Nessy

36. Cartoon Loch Ness Monster

37. Loch Ness Monster in a Juice Glass

38. Loch Ness monster Devouring a Boat

39. Loch Ness in Color

40. Soft Monster

41. Deep Color

42. Loch Ness Outline

43. New School Loch Ness Monster

44. Blue and Black Loch Ness Monster

45. Intense Piece

46. Patchwork Loch Ness Monster

47. Cute Paint Splat

48. Big Tooth

49. What’s Out There…

50. Cute Colorful Monster

51. Loch Ness with Unicorn Horn

52. Diamond Landscape

53. Cute Scottish Nessie

54. Full-Color Loch Ness Monster

55. Intense Monster

Colorful Scotland Monster body art Examples

Unique Loch Ness Monster Tattoos

As if the Loch Ness monster was unique enough itself, these tattoos went and bumped it up a notch! I think these are some of the coolest finds of my week.

If you love what you see, make sure to check out the artist and give them some love, they deserve it!

56. Realistic Loch Ness

57. Sweet Looking Loch Ness Monster

58. Monster with a Scottish Hat

59. Loch Ness Monster

60. Dark Monster with Red Sun

61. Expressive Nessie

62. Old School Loch Ness Monster

63. Interesting Loch Ness Monster

64. Old Nessie

65. Cute Black and White

66. Detailed Lake

67. Awesome Sketch

68. Skyline Loch Ness Monster

69. Photograph

70. Rainbow Loch Ness

71. Goofy Sketch

72. Interesting Loch Ness Monster

73. Vile of the Lake

I hope you found some new inspiration for this near-century-year-old beast. I am honestly consistently shocked by the amazing tattoo art that is on the internet. Some of these artists are just absolutely incredible.

If you are interested in other animal tattoos, know that there are so many options that you can choose from. That’s the beauty of tattoos, you can never really run out of ideas for them. But sadly you can run out of space. Just some food for thought, maybe make your tattoo smaller. This way you can continue to get more as you get older.

Oh and make sure you are doing proper after-care on the days that follow your tattoo appointment. Otherwise your seriously risk messing up your beautiful new addition.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Grab your phone and make yourself an appointment. Nessie waits for no one!