Inside: Cute lamb tattoo ideas that will remind you of your favorite furry sheep.

Lamb is the adorable offspring of sheep. They are called lamb all the way up until they are 1 year old, after that they are given both the name of sheep and a personality crisis. Lambs are extremely adorable little things that make for great tattoos. Why would one get a tattoo of a lamb, you may be wondering? The better question is why not! They are truly fascinating creatures.

Did you know that they have rectangular pupils that allow them to see just about 360 degrees? How about the fact that they can remember up to 50 faces?

They are able to express emotions such as anger, despair, boredom, and happiness. How interesting.

83 Cute Lamb Tattoo Designs

Lamb is more than the sum of their parts, they also hold many symbolic meanings! Let’s discuss it.

Lamb Tattoo Meanings & Symbolisms

The lamb is actually a very powerful symbol in Christianity, representing Christ as both suffering and triumphant in his journey. Outside of Christianity, this adorable animal is the symbol of innocence, purity, sweetness, forgiveness, and gentleness. These are all noble qualities that one may strive toward every day. So getting a lamb tattoo may act as a reminder of that, to always try to go through life as kind and gentle as possible. If this sounds like something you’d like to immortalize on your body then take a look at the list I’ve created below of 83 of the cutest Lamb Tattoo Designs the internet has to offer. Check them out!

Lamb Tattoo Ideas

Here is a good mix of different styles of lamb tattoos for you to take a look through to better understand what it is you may be looking for in your own ink. From Old School to New School, there is bound to be a style that is calling your name. Find out below!

1. Cute Cartoon Lamb

2. Sweet 2 Headed Lamb

3. Angelic Twin Lambs

4. Realistic Lamb with Flowers

5. Birthday Baby Lamb

6. Lamb Fairy

7. Heart Full of Farm Animals

8. Lamb Mask

9. Lamb with Sun Outline

10. Lamb in Wolfs Clothing

11. Butterfly Lamb

12. Fast Lamb

13. Simple and Clean Lamb

14. Lamb Made out of Dots

15. Cute Lamb in Black & White

16. Shaun The Sheep

17. Simple Fairy Lamb

18. Hug A Sheep

19. Sleep Lamb Under the Moon

20. Relaxing Lamb

Baby Lamb Tattoo Ideas

Baby Lamb Tattoo Ideas

Nothing is cuter in this world than a baby, no matter what kind of baby it is. Whether is be Human, or Kitten, or even fish…they’re just so downright loveable. Nothing quite compares though, to that of a lamb baby. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

21. Soft Baby Lamb in Orange

22. Little Lamb with Bow

23. Traditional Lamb with Butterfly

24. Simple Lined Lamb

25. Baby Surrounded By Flowers

26. Swirled Lamb

27. Shy Lamb with Colored Shading

28. Little Lamb Holding Flower

29. Bashful Cartoon Lamb

30. Cutest Little Lamb

31. Lamb with Flower Collar

32. Heart Lamb

33. Realistic Lamb with A Squirrel

34. Sweet White Lamb with Pink Bow

35. Cupcake Lamb in Color

36. Colorful Lamb with Fiddle Leaf Fig

37. Jumping Lamb

38. Big Eyed Lamb

39. Lamb learning to Walk

40. Baby Lamb Head with Flowers

Cute Lamb Tattoo Designs

Cute Lamb Tattoo Designs

This may seem a little redundant seeing as all lamb tattoos are cute, but this one just has that extra umph. I’m not sure what it is exactly. Perhaps it’s the extra sparkle in the eye or the fluff of the fur, but these will have you hooked.

41. Adorable Lamb Stuffy

42. Traditional Style Lamb

43. Bubblegum Colored Lamb

44. Little Lamb with White Details

45. Traditional Adult Lamb

46. Custom Clown Lamb

47. Sweet Lamb with Twinkles

48. Lamb Amongst Flowers

49. Lamb Holding Strawberry

50. Lamb with Bell

51. Lamb with a Simple Smile

52. Lamb with Baseball Cap

53. Traditional Baby Lamb

54. Punk Rock Baby

55. Simple Little Lamb

56. Cute Black & White Sheep

57. Outline with Flowers

58. Tiny Little Lamb

59. Cutest Baby Lamb

60. Clean Lamb with Red Bow

61. Lamb Jumping Over Skull

62. Super-Detailed Lamb with Flowers

63. Lamb with Daisy

64. Light Lamb by Tree

65. Dainty Lamb Outline

Lamb Tattoos

Lion and Lamb Tattoos

The Lion and the Lamb represent opposites, like two worlds colliding. The lion represents pure strength, masculinity, and power. While the Lamb represents purity, innocence, and spirituality.

Though seemingly contradictory, these two opposing creatures can bring balance to one another, much like the wisdom within the yin and yang symbol. If this is something that inspires you, then perhaps consider adding a lion to your lamb tattoo. Find inspiration…

66. Lion & Lamb Profiles

67. Lion Roaring with Lamb

68. Heart Filled with Lamb and Lion

69. Lion Protecting Lamb

70. Dual Tattoos

71. Biblical Lion & Lamb

72. Lion in Flower Crown

73. Realistic Lion Covering Lamb

74. Classic Lion Roaring over Lamb

75. Lion and Lamb Profiles

Sheep Tattoo Ideas

Sheep Tattoo Ideas

How old were you when you found out that Lamb were just baby sheep? Well…I was today years old. I’ll put my pride aside and admit it! So I just had to add some ADULT Lamb (an oximoron) to this list. Take a look at some examples of sheep tattoos below if you’d like your lamb to look a little more mature.

76. Simple Sheep Outlines

77. Sheep Chest Peice

78. Sheep with Dandelion

79. One Line Sheep Tattoo Sketch

80. Traditional Sheep in Color

81. Rainbow Sheep

82. Abstract Sheep with Flowers

83. Matching Sheep Wrist Tattoos

Which of the cute sheep tattoos will you select for your next ink appointment. I’m partial to number 24.

PS. See all the animal tattoo ideas.

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