Inside: 73 Gangster Tattoo Fonts & Lettering Ideas.

There are many important decisions to be made when coming up with a concept for a tattoo. Color, size, topic, all of these are important. But one thing that is consistently overlooked is choosing, drum roll please… a font.

A good font is not only a vessel for your words when it comes to tattoos. No, a good font can bring so much depth and art to the table.

When the time is taken to find a style of font that matches the vibe of the tattoo, magic happens.

How to find stencil tattoo fonts

The hard part is finding which one suits you and the tattoo in question. After all, there are over 500,000 fonts in existence. Yes, you heard right…there’s over HALF A MILLION. If this number seems daunting, that’s because it absolutely is. There is no way you’ll be able to comb through all of these fonts and still be able to get your tattoo during this lifetime.

The good news is, you don’t have to! We’ve got your back. The best way to go at this is by genre.

So today we’ve compiled a list of the coolest gangster fonts we could find, and they’re awesome.

A Brief History

Most of the fonts included today stem from a style called the Blackletter Typeface, also referred to as gothic or old English. This style was first noted to be used in the Guthenburg Bible, which by the way was said to be one of the first books printed in England!

Through time, these fonts went through their own evolution of sorts, gaining new styles and textures. Each new font adds to that aforementioned list of over 500,000 that we have today.

In fact, you’re probably already more well acquainted with this style than you realize, seeing as it’s the font for many popular Newspaper companies such as the New York Times.

This summary just scratches the surface of how these fonts came to be.


When it comes to Gangster Font Tattoo Costs, many things come into play. Costs can vary from shop to shop depending on; Size, Detail, & Color.

Broadly these tattoos can truly be anywhere between $100-$1000, so talk to your tattoo artist for a better idea of what to expect!

Keep scrolling and see what gangster-style suits you best. When you find one(or 10) that you like just take a screenshot or bookmark this article to be able to come back to it when you need to show your tattoo artist!

Gangster Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

These are truly art in letter form. The number of hours it must take to write a sentence in most of these fonts but be unspeakable, but so worth it in the end.

1. Cool Shaded Thick Letter Font

2. Spray Painted Style

3. Light Swirled Font

4. Intense and Detailed Bold Lettering

5. Awesome Lettered Artwork

6. Flourished Block Letters with Stars

7. Black Bold Block Font

8. Cash Only in Red Ink

9. Simple Calligraphy Surrounded with Details

10. Thin & Detailed Lettering

Gangster Tattoo Letter Fonts

Best gangster letter fonts for tattoos

11. Mixed Money Font

12. Shaded Block Letters

13. Simple Calligraphy

14. Unique Lettering Style in Black & White

15. Almost 3 D Bubble Numbers

16. Mixed Fonts with Beautiful Details

17. P Block Letter with Artwork in the Center

18. B L E S S E D Simple Tattoo

19. Natalie in Black Letters with Little Crown

20. 80’s Baby in Mixed Font

Fancy Gangster Tattoo Fonts

Look below to see some of the fanciest gangster fonts we could get our hands on! These would certainly add flair to any tattoo its a part of.

21. Classic Swooped Alphabet

22. Clean Swirled Letters in Blue

23. Cursive Font with Stars

24. Full Alphabet Examples with Double Lines

25. Cursive Font Mixed with Bubble Font

26. Simple Handwritten Letters

27. Patience in Cursive

28. Beautiful Letters in Red

29. LOVE with Cool Embellishments

30. Cursive ‘Mom’ with Heart O

31. Loyalty in Script Letters

32. Various Names with Beautiful Letters

Gangster Tattoo Lettering

Let’s go further! Here are even more awesome styles for you.

Gangster tattoo fonts

33. Family Over Everything in Cool Flourished Font

34. Unique Lightning Font

35. Classic Gangster Letters in Blue

36. Clean Block Lettering

37. Graffiti Tattoo

38. 1985 in Detailed Script

39. Spray Paint Font

40. SELF MADE in Bubble Letters

41. 4 Fonts Grouped Together

42. Full Back Tattoo in Script Font

43. Script Letters on Thumbs

Gangster Cursive Tattoo Fonts

Cursive is some of the most popular fonts to add to ink. But These styles are more unique than your run-of-the-mill cursive that you learned in 4th grade. This cursive requires some serious skill and practice!

44. Clean & Effortless Lettering

45. Classic Cursive

46. Name in Block Cursive with Details

47. Lucky In Embellished Style

48. Thick Lined Cursive

49. Swoopy Font in Black

50. Thick Round Font

51. Cursive Script Fusion

52. Thin Cursive in Red Ink

53. ‘Family’ in Cursive Art

Gangster Lettering Alphabet

It’s common for people to get single letters as tattoos. Whether that stands for your initials or the initials of someone you love, or simply its your favorite letter…we aren’t judging.

Here are some beautiful examples of these fonts in the form of the alphabet!

Gangster lettering alphabet tattoos

54. Amazing Alphabet with Block Letters and Swoops

55. Modern Block Graffiti

56. B’s In Different Fonts

57. Numbers in Script

58. Thin & Detailed Swirled Letters

59. Unique Simple Alphabe

Old School Gangster Tattoo Fonts

60. Classical Gangster Letters

61. Family Written in Gangster Cursive

62. Never Give Up

63. 4 Different Gangster Fonts

64. Quote with Mixed Fonts

65. Beautiful Simple Quote

66. Script Font with Crazy Detailing

67. Freehanded Large Letters

68. Name in Unique Script Letters

69. California Tattoo in Gangster Font

70. Wild Style with Beautiful Line Work

71. 2 Toned Script

72. Stay Strong with Linked S’s

73. “Dear Mama” with Cool Swirls and Detail

We hope you loved learning about all of the thousands (literally) of fonts out there and that you’ve perhaps narrowed down which style is for you. Happy Tattooing!

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