Inside: Creative ways to get DNA tattoo stands as sleeves, bracelets and chains.

DNA is something that connects every single living thing on this planet. It is the carrier of genetic information and the constituent of chromosomes. I find it so interesting that every living organism has this in common and yet we do not see it. Perhaps if we did, we might feel more connected with the earth than we do currently.

Grass has DNA, Rabbits have DNA, heck even Trees have it. In fact, trees have 7 times the amount of DNA that a human does.

DNA coding with flowers tattoo ideas

DNA connects us all. It helps us differentiate between our own genetic makeup (our family) and others. So for someone who is looking to get a tattoo that signifies a connection to all living things, then look no further than a DNA Tattoo!

But first, we must understand DNA a little better first.

What is DNA?

As we learned in biology, DNA is a super long chain of molecules that hold all the information a cell needs for life function. The single molecules that compose it are referred to as nucleotides. DNA has two strands and resembles a zipper, the nucleotides are like the teeth of the zipper that hold it together. This system of 2 strands continues on making copies of itself, on and on. According to ABC.Net: “The chains of nucleotides in human DNA are wound up and compacted into 46 chromosomes (two sets of 23) that are found in the nucleus of a cell. The DNA is held together by proteins called histones which help to keep the shape of the chromosomes.”

And there are the basics of DNA! I figured we’d stop while we were ahead because as any person who has ever met a science teacher knows, one could spend all day explaining DNA and how it works.

Now that we do have a basic understanding of what DNA is from a scientific viewpoint, let’s discuss the symbolism that DNA tattoos hold.

DNA Tattoo Meanings & Symbolisms

The meaning behind getting a DNA Tattoo may vary from person to person. Overall, the meaning behind one of these cool tattoos centers around life itself. Whether that be to honor our genetic code, our family, or to remind ourselves of the connection we have to everything around us.

This is the tattoo of life.

Some may get it as a reminder that we have so many unexplored and unseen parts of ourselves. Unless you work in the sciences, the general knowledge that you learn in basic biology courses tends to leave your head a year or two after the class is done, and we then forget about all of the amazing little things happening inside of our body that makes us who we are.

This tattoo is a reminder for the little guy (the little guy being DNA).

tattoos that represent who you are

DNA Tattoo Ideas

This first list is a broad mixture of different styles of DNA Tattoos to help you get a better understanding of what look you are going for in terms of your own tattoo. I’ve included simple designs all the way to downright complex ones so there is bound to be something for everyone. Take a look!

1. Black & White Sleeve

2. Watercolor DNA Strand

3.Abstract Environment Around DNA

4. Modern Style DNA

5. DNA Crumbling Apart

6. DNA Arm Band

7. Double Helix Strand

8. Watercolor DNA Strand

9.  Abstract Double Helix

10. Detailed Science Theme

11. DNA Sleeve

12. Lime Green DNA Sleeve

13. Black & White Quarter Sleeve

14. Sweet Double Helix with Flowers

15. Feminine DNA Tattoo

DNA Tattoos

DNA Strand Tattoo

This next section is dedicated to the iconic DNA strand! This is the go-to image that pops up in every person’s brain when they think about DNA. There are many cool ways to incorporate this into your tattoo collection. From designs with galaxies and planets to famous scientists, take a look to see which one piques your interest!

16. DNA on the Back of the Neck

17. Double Helix Hand Tattoo

18. Spiderman DNA

19. The Theory of Life

20. Galaxy DNA Strand

21. Black & White Strand with Planets

22. DNA Strand with Flowers

23. Double Helix Arm Band

24. Abstract Life Tattoo

25. Flowers & Planets

26. Viney DNA Strand

27. Epicurus Sleeve

DNA Tree Tattoo

Many people get DNA tattoos as a way to honor their family. It reminds you of who you came from and the people that share the same DNA as you. It’s a cool spin on the family tree.

There are many cool ways this has been achieved, from the DNA strand as the trunk to a colorful display of leaves. Check them out!

28. Cool DNA Tree

29. Beautiful Black & White Tree

30. Family Tree

31. DNA Tree Attached to Heart

32.DNA Tree Chest Tattoo

33. Tree in Color

34. DNA Tree On Back


family tree tattoos with DNA strands

DNA Flower Tattoo

Of course, there are also many ways to bring some more feminine aspects to this otherwise genderless tattoo. Flowers are a wonderful way to add personality and substance to this tattoo.

If you love flowers then take a look at this next list. There are different designs that range from simple and dainty to complete

35. Double Helix with Pink Flowers

36. Black & White DNA

37. Detailed Black & White Roses

38. Beautiful DNA Strand

39. Simple DNA Strand with Flowers & Stars

40. DNA Turning Into Flowers

41. Rose with DNA Stem

42. Double Helix Surrounded By Flowers

43. Simple & Small DNA

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