Inside: 93 Trendy + Small Tattoos for Women.

Tattoos are grand fashion statements and can add to your style in a big way. You can get many different styles, designs, and sizes of tattoos, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking all tattoos have to be big and bold to be an eye-catching fashion statement. But no!

Small tattoos are absolutely popular and trendy, too.

If you’ve been flirting with the thought of getting a tattoo but aren’t sure where to start or what kind you want, check out this list of small tattoos for women that are trendy right now. You may just find the perfect tattoo here.

2x2 Tattoo

Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

I don’t know about you, but I love a good tiny tattoo. I think one of my favorite sleeves that I have ever seen on someone consists of so many of them I couldn’t count. It is definitely a new style of tattoo sleeve, but one that I think is pretty cool.

Small tattoos are great for those out there who prefer to keep your ink hidden, for those who need some filler in their sleeve, or for tattoo lovers who don’t have a lot of funds but need to scratch that itch. I have found some of the coolest small tattoos women need ASAP.

From little hearts, tiny cherries, and the cutest little flower clusters this list is packed full of the littlest designs.

1. Black and White Pinky Promise Tattoo

2. Self Love Quote on Hip

3. Small Heart on Inner Finger

4. Cute Cherries on Ankle

5. Simple Bandaid Outline with Flowers

6. Small Outlined Butterfly Tattoo

7. Tiny Text on Neck

8. Single Line Flower Tattoo Idea

9. Typewriter Text Year Design

Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

10. Happy and Sad Face Tattoo

11. Cresent Moon Tattoo on Hip

12. Create Quote on Hand

13. Small Tree Tattoo on Ribs

14. Little Mountain View Design

15. Flowers on Finger Tattoo

16. “Wild” with Bundle of Flowers

17. Cactus Outline on Ankle

18. Music Notes on Shoulder

19. Little Detailed Butterfly

20. Angel Wings Tattoo

Meaningful Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

We love meaningful tattoo designs, here are a few of our favorites.

21. Love Yourself Tattoo Art

22. Fingers Crossed Tattoo Design

23. Small Realistic Sunflower Tatttoo

24. “Be Kind” in Small Script Font

25. Tiny Bird Tattoo

26. Cute Small Hummingbird Tattoo Design

27. Little Fish Swimming Tattoo Idea

28. Black and White Flower Stems

29. Two Small Butterflies Tattoo

Meaningful Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

30. Little Bumblebee Design

31. Simple Daisy Tattoo on Wrist

32. Detailed Dragonfly Outline

33. Small Open Book Tattoo Idea

34. Little Lava Lamp Tattoo

35. Tiny Four Leaf Clover

36. Little Lightning Bold on Ankle

37. Smiley Face on Finger Idea

38. Black and White Bumblebee Tattoo

39. Matching Sparkle Tattoo

40. Amor Quote on Foot

Small Cute Simple Tattoos

Cute and simple these small tattoos for women are the best!

41. Small Single Line Portrait Tattoo

42. Leaf Stem Behind Ear

43. Heart Outline on Wrist

44. Art on Chest

45. Half of a Strawberry Tattoo

46. Pink Gummy Bear Tattoo Idea

47. Small Candy Heart Outline

48. Rainbow on Wrist Tattoo

Small Cute Simple Tattoos

49. Tiny Red Flower Tattoo Designs

50. “Honey” Written on Ribcage

51. Small Baby Text on Back of Neck

52. Self Love in Small Script

53. Shooting Star Tattoo

54. Red Scorpion Finger Tattoo Design

55. Small Lit Match Tattoo Idea

56. Little Snake Tattoo

57. Lemon Tattoo on Shoulder

58. Thin Line Sunset Design

59. Colorful Bundle of Flowers Tattoo

60. Green Leafy Stem Design

Cool Small Tattoos for Ladies

61. Colorful Birds Tattoo Ideas

62. Soft Blue Cresent Moon Tattoo Design

63. Lotus Tattoo Outline on Back

64. Small Flying Paper Plane Tattoo

65. Ocean Wave Outline Idea

66. Small Seashell Outline Tattoo Design

67. Black and White Pineapple Ankle Tattoo

Cool Small Tattoos for Ladies

68. Small Music Notes

69. Little Bundle of Flowers on Breastbone

70. Text Curved Around Ankle Bone

71. Snake Thumb Tattoo

72. Thin Line Cross Tattoo on Finger

73. Angel Wings Design

74. Simple Cherry Outline Tattoo Idea

75. Subtle Henna Inspired Finger Tattoo

76. Little Semi-Colon Tattoo

77. Wishbone Tattoo Design

78. Red Ink Butterfly Idea

79. Green Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo

Small Female Tattoos

We have a few more of our favorite small tattoos for women that you are going to love!

80. Small Outer space Inspired Tattoo 

81. Black Single Line Rainbow Design

82. The Littlest Lightning Bolt

83. Small Smiley Face

84. Self Love Tattoo Design

Female Designs

85. Flowers Behind the Ear

86. Fun Flower in a Pot Temporary Tattoo

87. Small Music Note Tattoo

88. Outline of Elephant Ankle Tattoo

89. Heart Outline on Wrist

90. Small Candy Heart Outline

91. Tiny Bird Tattoo

92. Little Mountain View Design

93. Self Love Quote on Hip

Answering some important questions you may have concerning small tattoos, such as pain and cost. Let’s get into it!

Do They Hurt?

Yes, small tattoos hurt, but not as bad as big ones do. If only because they are smaller and you are in pain for less time. Also, since they are smaller, the tattoo is less likely to touch one of the rougher spots on your body(i.e., your ribs, wrists, and boney areas). How awesome is that?

They will still hurt but not as bad. If you are still worried about it, take a deep breath, I have a solution for you. Numbing cream is my saving grace when I go in for tattoo appointments. You can order it online and bring it with you; the cream goes on your area of choice and numbs it so you won’t feel as much during your appointment.

How Much Do Small Tattoos Women Need Cost?

One of my favorite things about small tattoos is their cost. Most small tattoos will only cost anywhere from $50-$100, depending on what you get. Since tattoo artists will charge you by the hour, the less time it takes to do the tattoo, the less you have to pay. That makes small tattoos for women all the cheaper.

But if you are going for a highly detailed tattoo, it can be more than that. The only way to see how much it will cost is by asking your tattoo artist how much their estimate is when you show them your tattoo idea. They will be able to tell you the exact amount.

Small Tattoos Women Need Asap

Tiny & Creative Tattoos For Girls

This entire list is full of a great mixture of cool small tattoos women will love. It was hard to rank them, but here are some of my most favorite designs. You have no idea how cute these ideas are. Take a look!

94. Mixed and Matched Tattoos – This is the kind of sleeve I was talking about above when they get so many little ones that they come together to form their own version of a sleeve!

95. Realistic Dog Tattoo – This dog tattoo is crazy realistic, and I am shocked. I think this would be one of the more expensive tattoo options.

96. Important Initial Idea – Probably one of the cheapest on the list. This initial just goes to show how truly stripped back and simple you can make your tattoos.

97. Delicate Sunset Tattoo Idea – This line work is daintier than cotton candy. I love it! I am also deeply obsessed with sun tattoos, I have 2 of them myself.

98. Sweet Thumbprint Heart Idea – This is such a romantic idea. Whether it be in a loving way, from parent to daughter, or from husband to wife, this tattoo just shows how much of an imprint we have on each other’s lives.

99. Simple One Lined Cat Idea – I love one-lined art because it has such a simple beauty to it. If you love cats, then this is a great tattoo idea for you.

100. Heart with Flowers Growing Out of It – You can never go wrong with this classic, and those flowers are just super cute!

101. Tree with Mountains – I love this because it can represent so many things to an individual.

102. Angel Number Ideas – Angel numbers are messages that people get from their guardians above. If you have a number that you always see, then get it tatted!

Lovely Small Tattoo Ideas

Next up, I have some super lovely small tattoos women need to see. These are all so soft and delicate that I am obsessed. Each one has a strong feminine quality that is quiet and understated while still being present and strong. It’s a hard balance to be, but hey, that is what being a woman is all about.

103. Mini Butterfly Tattoo Idea

104. Sweet Sun and Moon Idea

105. Heart with Detailing 

106. Dainty Little Flower Idea

107. Heart with Flower Idea

108. Elephant Grey Tattoo Idea

109. Mini Cup of Coffee Idea

110. Self Love Tattoo Idea

111. Love Lava Lamp Idea

112. Mini Sewing Scissors

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

If you like these small tattoos for women then check out a few more of our favorite designs.

  • Pomegranate Tattoos – Sweet, ripe pomegranates are one of the healthiest fruits ever! But did you realize they make pretty fantastic tattoos too? Their bright coloring and interesting shape make them stand out as a tattoo. The symbolism of pomegranate tattoos revolves around fertility. And if you are of Christian faith, you may be intrigued to know that the pomegranate is a sign of everlasting life and the resurrection.
  • Our Favorite Freckle Tattoo Ideas – Consider cosmetic tattooing to add permanent eyeliner, faux freckles and give your lips the perfect color. Head out the door without having to spend time adding makeup or worrying about it melting away as the day goes on. While the prices vary, it’s not much more expensive than a typical tattoo. Considering how much money you spend on makeup in a year, you’ll see that it’s worth the upfront costs. Plus, can you imagine heading out the door with flawless makeup every day without all the effort?
  • Peace Tattoo – It’s not necessary to be an old hippy to appreciate the love of a peace sign! These creative peace sign tattoo designs will get you excited and ready to make a commitment. They are a symbol for love, peace, being calm, and loving life. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss out! They look groovy in black and gray as well as colored, so you have to decide which you like the best.
  • Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Designs – Watercolor tattoo designs are filled with vibrant colors, thick and thin lines, and realistic artwork. Gaining traction over the years, watercolor tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Once you see them, you’ll understand why! These beautiful butterfly watercolor tattoos are stylish, unique, and creative. Many watercolor pieces are larger in size because it takes more space to properly shade and get it to look more realistic. Be sure to check out these lovely designs for your next watercolor butterfly tattoo.

Small Tattoos for Women

Best Small Tattoos Women Will Love

Lastly, these are my favorite tattoos on this whole list. Each is so unique in its own way I am tempted to get every single one of them. I could too; nothing is stopping me but the knowledge that if I go that hard, I will run out of space for more tattoos in the future. Because of that, I must pace myself.

113. Realistic Little Goldfish – This goldfish tattoo is insane. It looks so realistic and refreshing.

114. Melting Clock Idea – This is a calling card to a very famous painting, but they stripped it back and made it simple.

115. Lavender Bud In Black and White – You can never go wrong with lavender. I have a lavender tattoo!

116. Cute Quote Idea – Cute quotes are a super simple and lovely way to go.

cute tiny animal tattoos

117. Simple Dainty Snake Idea – Snakes often represent change and growth because they are able to shed their skin as they go through life.

118. Little Orchid Idea – Orchids are correlated to femininity because…well, you know why.

119. Semi Colon Tattoo Idea – Semi Colon tattoos give you the message to keep on going. This is often associated with people who have survived suicide.

120. Moon with Flowers – I love this idea.

121. You can be funny with your ink even when it’s small.

I hope you love this list of small tattoos women. I enjoyed putting it together, so I’m hoping you had as good a time as I did. Which was probably too much fun because I know I don’t need any new tattoos anytime soon since I just got one! But hey, we all know how addicting tattoos can be, especially when they’re this cute.

If you love these ideas, then I think you should check out some of my other feminine tattoo lists that I put together. I enjoy dainty feminine tattoos as much as I enjoy traditional old tattoos, but I will say that these have a special place in my heart. Take a look.

Tattoos are an expression of our inner interests onto our outer shell. I look at them as a way to decorate myself with what I am passionate about. These small tattoos give you the opportunity to create a mural of passion on your body and I love it.

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