Inside: 25 Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas Full of Meaning.

The ideas are endless when it comes to getting a tattoo. From quotes to sacred symbols, you can opt for anything that complements your personality. Various people go for bold patterns and even inked skulls on their body whereas many tattoo lovers prefer to get a permanent butterfly.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

These simple butterfly tattoo ideas are full of beauty and perfectly depicts human transformation as well, and that is why it is one of our favorite lists of tattoo ideas.

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Of course, each butterfly has a different meaning depending on its color and species. The symbolism of these graceful and elegant creatures encompasses:

  • Grace
  • Dignity
  • Being born again after a traumatic experience or loss
  • Transformations of any kind
  • The soul itself, which is said to travel on the winds much like a butterfly
  • Connecting to the rest of the universe or the power of nature around you
  • Self-confidence and acceptance of your own abilities
  • Embracing the changes that life brings instead of trying to fight against them and stay stagnant
  • Emerging from your shell and showing off your inner beauty

Monarch Tattoo Designs

1. 3D Monarch Butterfly Design

2. Double Monarch Tattoo Idea

3. Monarchs Up the Back

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

4. Back of Arm Butterfly

5. Half Monarch, Half Outline

6. Watercolor Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Idea

7. Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Designs

If you are looking for a unique twist on a butterfly tattoo, these semicolon beauties are an option and have a great meaning. If you want to learn more about the meaning behind a semicolon tattoo check out this post.

8. Half Butterfly, Half Semicolon

9. Purple Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Idea

10. Small Semicolon Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

11. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

12. Colorful Semicolon Butterfly Idea

13. Monarch Semicolon Butterfly

Semicolon Butterfly Designs

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

There is something so beautiful and simple about these butterfly tattoo ideas.

14. Watercolor Butterfly Idea

15. Monarch Watercolor Butterfly

16. Purple Watercolor Butterfly Idea

17. Soft Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

18. Colorful Butterfly Cluster

19. Bright Colored Watercolor Butterfly

20. Pink Butterfly Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

21. Small Butterfly Ankle Tattoos

22. Little Monarch Butterflies

23. Red Butterfly Outline

24. Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoo Idea

25. Small Blue Butterfly

Small Tattoos

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